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What could i do with so many cylinders of craft of almost one meter per 7 cm round? Answered


You could slip smaller tubes inside larger ones to strengthen them (slit a small one lengthwise and roll it a littler tighter if it won't quite fit inside a larger one - you can use tape to hold the small roll tight if needed). Three or four tubes inside each other should be fairly strong. For even more strength, you could bundle them together into larger "sticks" and wrap the bundle with tape to hold it together. It's like with rope - a single strand might break easily, but all the strands together have a great deal of strength. If you had 25 1 m tubes all with 7 cm diameter, you could cut them all in half and slit one half of each and use it to line and reinforce the other half. If you then arranged them all into a big circle about 50 cm across, you could have the base of a stool or small table 50 cm tall by 50 cm in diameter. One way to do this might be: - put 5 of them together in a line about 3 cm apart - put 4 tubes in the 4 spaces in between the 5 tubes on one side of the line, and glue them all together into place. - put 3 tubes in the spaces in between the 4 tubes, and glue them into place. - put 2 tubes in the spaces in between the 3 tubes, and glue them into place. - place 1 tube in the space in between the 2 tubes, and glue it into place. - then go to the other side of your first line of 5 tubes, and glue another set of lines of 4 and 3 and 2 and 1 tubes into place. You might want to wrap tape or rope or strong paper around the tubes for extra strength, and covering both ends with some kind of base and top will add strength too. If it might get wet, you will want to protect the cardboard with it with some sort of paint or sealant. And if you want to make it pretty, you will have to decide how to do that, too. The stool or small table is just an idea - there might be something else you need or want more. You could slip two tubes end-to-end over a smaller tube to make a 2 m tube (use two smaller-diameter tubes 0.5 m long to reinforce either end), and glue 20 of those together to make a 140 cm partition/screen/room divider (it would make great insulation if you need to block drafts). You could make a grid/lattice out of them, seal them against moisture, and hang them from the ceiling to use as a drying rack for clothes on hangers. ...I hope this gives you a few ideas, anyway. :) (PS. Please let me know if my language isn't clear to you - I'd be happy to try to clarify.)


9 years ago

If the tubes are densely rolled , and hard (stiff) , the ones that are closer to 5cm diameter, could be made into practice didjiridus. They will be a little short, but ...hey. It's an idea.

Not hard enough, I thought something like a forniture, sculpture, etc. Itś sad to see so many material left to deteriorate. But tks for your attention. Till next time. Maurifix

What do you mean by craft? Like what is it?

Sorry for my English, I meant many pipes of cardboard used to wound fabric. They are a meter or more long and has a diameter of 5 to 10 cm.

Ahhh, I see. I guess if you had enough then you could always make a seat or something. I saw something like that on the net so it's possible. Umm, apart from that I can't really think of anything. Well, what ever you make I hope it turns out alright.