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What could it be...? Answered

Hmm... PADBHAR? 9R per B. 2S per P. Hmm...
[Bipod too, but that aint made yet]

Pump action double barrel heavy assault rifle. 12 rounds per barrel. 2 shots per pump. Can fire one at a time or both at once. Removable Magazine/Hopper/Stripper Clip. Bipod to come.


Looks a bit... small. LOL just kidding can you post some pictures of the whole gun?

YAY! a powerful shotgun with a pump! quick question.. wheres the trigger! 5 stars!

I haven't attached it yet. I've got the blocks in the barrels, but haven't connected them to triggers.

first of all, your back! secondly people have already guessed so I won't bother, and finally, whatever it is its probably awesome!

Yeah boi! I thought i'd better go out with a bang. Or will i stay? Hmm..

stay! theres not that many decent knexers from New Zealand around these days.

Pump action double barrel hard assault rifle. 9 rounds per barrel. 2 shots per pump (or pull of the trigger). I can't wait for more pictures.

HEAVY assault rifle, not HARD.
It might even be ACTION rifle, not assault

I predict it will look like a box.

Pump Action (Dual?) Battle (some h-word) Assault Rifle Pretty sure I got some of the words right.


8 years ago

looks lke some giant shotgun???

{Thought i'd better treat my subscribers with something good. And yes. Bipod goes between the two wheels.