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What country is known for its medieval castles? Answered

I'd love to go traveling after highschool and im a big medieval Europe fan :D



Dear friend: The most famous castles in Germany and France are not medieval. Loira river castles were built in the Renaissance (XVIth century) and other castles even in the XIXth (Neuschwanstein). Of course there are medieval castles. But if you want to see a real lot of medieval castles i guess you must go to the Spanish region of Castilia (named so due to its castles). Maybe they are less impressive than the biggest French castles, but here you have much more. Just in north Castilia, 579 castles.
My favorite is Coca's Castle. Spain has also one of the most beautiful fortress ever,  Alhambra, in Granada.
Hope you like your trip!

It's LoirE valley.

And there is a medieval castle buying built right now next to Auxerres.
The construction has been going on since 1996 and the result really is impressive!
Have a look here : http://www.guedelon.fr/
It's worth a day or two days visit. You can talk to the builders while they are working with there hand made medieval tools. They'll tell you all about the techniques, the project and the on-going research.

UK, France, Germany, Italy.

UK, France, Germany all have their fair share of castles. Advantage here in the UK - We speak English! :)

If you're after density of castles, try Wales.

Most of England's decent castles are under the care of English Heritage, with similar organisations in Wales and Scotland.

I agree with Lemonie! The UK has some great castles and museums. I'd recommend coming to the UK, visiting a few then moving on to France then Germany. France and Germany have a lot of nice 'Chateauxs' (sp?) and their styles are very different to the purely defensive castles in the UK.

If your pluralising chateau - it's chateaux like gateaux


Thanks :) Been a while since I've done French