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What craft can I demonstrate or teach at a lunch & learn session for a 40-something aged crowd? Answered

I volunteered to demonstrate a craft at my husband's office (insurance adjustors) early December.  Purpose is to have fun and give employees opportunity to interact.  I find people are generally creative or not, and I'd like something that can appeal to both groups.  I was thinking Chocolate Cherry Mice but question if I could accomodate a group of more than 5 with double boiler.  Office policy forbids use of office resources (photocopier, computer) for personal use.  Microwave is ok.  I would like to limit the craft to $2-$3/person as I will cover the cost of all materials and supplies.  I suspect people will not want to bring ANYTHING to the session (e.g. photos, ideas, etc)  Many thanks for ANY suggestions!


Well it's the holiday season so perhaps you can teach some gift wrapping or gift basket techniques.   You can even take the economical angle and take a moment to explain how to save money and still present a pretty gift.  If you want to take the environmental angle, explain how to find reusable or recycled packaging and the etiquette of it's use.

A double boiler and a hot plate shouldn't take much space, but it's not the kind of thing you want in a cramped space where it could get knocked over and hurt someone... but if you can keep an area of at least three feet around it clear, I say go for it.

Another treat you could try is mug cake.  https://www.instructables.com/id/5_minute_Chocolate_Cake/  It's not the best cake out there, but believe me it's an office-craving life-saver.  You could even take a little time between now and then to tweak the recipe a bit to perhaps make it a little more office-friendly.  Bring all the ingredients and tools plus a few cheap mugs from the dollar store and they can bring the mugs home.  Costs should be pretty low.

Hi -

I'm late in replying to you but really appreciate your great ideas!  I ended up finding several bow-making techniques (using ribbon) from the internet.  We only had time to make four types of bows, but the session seemed very successful.

Again, great idea!  Thanks so much!