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What crazy weather! (Might not see me for a while.) Answered

So I might not be around for a while. Turns out Hurricane Ike still had enough steam to send massive wind damage through Kentucky and Indiana as well as multiple other places. My neighborhood is completely out - we have trees down on cars and into houses, and power lines down all over the place.

Most of Louisville is without electricity and it's not sounding so good - they're saying 3 days to 2-3 weeks before everyone gets power back because we sent so many emergency personal to Texas to help them out.

But now I have to go to class and then try to find a place that still has food, candles and batteries left. And a place to charge my phone. Even the power where I work is out and has been for two days. :P Wish me luck! It's a madhouse here right now. I can't imagine what an actual hurricane could do after this.

There are lots of crazy pictures here:


That reminds me of the evil Katrina...

Ook! That doesn't look good. I didn't get any rain, it all went to you people : (

That was us in mid Michigan. Somewhere between 7-8 inches.

*grumble* That's what we needed...

For once, I got very lucky. Our power came back on late last night! We lost quite a bit of food, but some of it is still okay. Everything's still a wreck, though, and lots of people are without power still. Some don't even have water because of all the uprooted trees. I'm hoping to go out and get pictures of the damage today since I'll be able to charge my camera again. :)

A disposable (film) camera or two is a good thing to keep around in the house/car for "emergencies" (and accidents and such.) Glad your power came back on relatively early. It's always something of a shock to be forcibly reminded how much of what we do is dependent on electricity...

It's true - I'm pretty used to it, so I just read most of the time. (Finished my first Agatha Christie ever - I need another!) The power would be out for a week at a time sometimes at home, and we wouldn't even have water because have a well. :P Jace, however, was a wreck. On the plus side, however, I think he might have realized how addicted to the internet he is. That would be a lovely thing to come out of this! And a disposable camera is something I hadn't considered having. I can't even remember the last time I used one. I've been digital for years. I might have to pick some up.


9 years ago

Good luck, that was a crazy few hours last night! We didn't loose power right here (NE OH), but two large limbs landed in our driveway. The HS is close, due to power outage. And other homes close by got it worse.... Pretty impressive for a storm that started off the coast of Africa.


I kept hearing that parts of OH got hit pretty bad. And thankfully the limbs didn't make it to your house!

On our block, just around the corner, an entire tree crashed on a house. We were pretty lucky, especially compared to the gulf...

And we definitely stayed indoors for this little remnant of the storm....

Glad to hear your power's back!

I was sadly stuck at work for the storm. I got off right at the end of it. Driving home was certainly scary, but I was also sick of shelving books in the dark. I'd rather sit at home in the dark than do that. :P

Ick-we felt it where I am too, but nothing so bad as this. Sorry about all that...


9 years ago

I hope everything will be back to normal soon for every one. tReg.

We got some hail and lots of rain in NM, but that was about it. Be safe. Hope to hear back from you soon!

In PA we received the terrible humidity. Humidity isn't comparable to the hurricane and it's aftermath. Good luck with getting everything back on track!

Nothing up here in sunny Pennsylvania. Just some light rain. Best wishes to all who've been affected by the storm.

You summed that up pretty well I must say. Last night was a bit windy, and a few sprinkles, buts its all good. :D

. Here in S Arkansas, we've had a few limbs blown out of trees (had to help fix my nephew's fence yesterday) and some minor flooding, but nothing real bad. I lost cable TV/Internet for a few hours Sunday AM, but the electricity and telephone stayed on. (Found out my TV turns itself off after ~5 minutes if there is no signal.) . A friend in S Missouri told me they had some trees uprooted and a lot of wind damage.

Oof! Look after yourself, let us know you're OK.