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What did I miss Answered

So yeah, as you guys may have noticed, I wasn't around here for a year due to not having knex in that timespan.
So my question is, what did I miss? Any big new ball machine builders? Any epic ball machines? New elements? Some totally alternative way of building (like Wipe Out changed the lifts forever)?


Well, for starters you should always check out Shadowman's lift guide (which is always expanding) and the new elements. One big advance this year was that KneXtreme combined all the element guides together:
There have been some new ball machines this year as well. I'll try my best to get the ones I know of...
-collinjo12: Protagonism, Propulsion, Excalibur
-KneXtreme: Oxygen
-tornado96: Uprising
-sathothy: Nebulus
-sandroknexmaster: Euphoria
-knexpert#10829476 (He's new to the ball machine field, but has been turning out lots of them!): Bouncy Ball Factory, Supernova, Phoenix, Torque, Ionization, Oblivion
-hunter999 made a unique machine: Waterfall
-fenrir119: Derrezed, Four Flags (Derrezed has blacklight capabilities)
-MarsCrystalMan (that's me!): Krypton, Retrograde, and I plan on posting my newest machine before the summer's over
This is by no means a comprehensive list, but these are the ones I've noticed recently. If you really want to find them all, check the pages of the ball machine regulars or type "knex ball machine" into the serach bar. Good luck and enjoy your return to Knex! :-D


5 years ago

He built some cool ball machines, with full instructions! Awesome!

Uprising from Tornado96, but you've probably seen that already ;p

Rock Of Prometheus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And last but not least: MarsCrystalMan with 2 ball machines:

Guys, if I forgot something really important, I'm sorry and let me know :D