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What did I miss? Answered

OK, I've been away, offline for just over a week.

I am already conscious that there have been quite a few comments and messages that I have missed without reply, and I've seen the new layout (me likey).

Apart from a video of Caitlinsdad playing with my balls, and my balloon jig going slightly la-la on YouTube (it ended up on the front page, apparently)

What else have I missed?

What cool projects have slipped my view?



8 years ago

Grrr... You guys do realize that all it takes is someone scrolling to the bottom once and clicking new comment, right? Please? Please?

...say pretty please ;-)

Any last requests for this decadent ice cream sundae? No? Then, Pretty please with sugar, a cherry, cherry liqueur, and butterscotch schnapps? Please?

I'm sorry I forgot what we're doing. Oh right the emails! Sorry!!


8 years ago

OMG! Would you guys start a new thread or something? I'm getting an email every time you guys post!

(You can set the emails to come daily, you knwo).

Yeah, but I like knowing exactly when I get comments so I can reply to them. It's just this thread about beer and mountains is getting annoying since it's been going on for the past week.

And just what is boring about beer and mountains?

maybe you'd like an update on my birding lists?

I could start talking about code optimization...

Or maybe the latest APP assessment grids (oh, they are dryyyyy!)

Then you're making a choice.  Quit whining about the consequences.

Whatever. I'll stop. It'll be over in a few days.

:-D  Don't take it too personally, I razz my East Coast friends about their Allegheny Hills all the time. 

I've only ever been over the Lake District flying in or out of the U.K. (there are proper mountains you can see towards the north horizon flying in past Ireland).

Mountain walking?  You all have mountains in England?  Where?

P.S.  I'm from California.  Mountains are generally hard, spiky things with their points up above 3,000 meters.

Seven hours each way restrict me to school breaks.  It's not worth the effort for a weekend trip.

How long are your Christmas holidays?

So-so - I've been too long in flat East Anglia.

#2 son likes it though - we did 1800 feet around Whiteside last summer.

I'm a Dinky Di Aussie (Australian) so I wouldn't have a clue about English beer, but I know that Kiteman likes a good brew!


I shall be back in the area sometime over the Summer, and shall be asking zolterino to recommend a good pub.

I believe there's good beer in Ulverston...

That's probably tripled your chance of going there. At least.

 The ballon jig made it onto lifehacker!

And I bought three cameras...

Oh, I saw that (maybe that's how it ended up on YouTube's front page?).

But... three cameras?  Starting a studio?  (Which reminds me, I need to check out a website...)

 Which website do you need to check out? is it photo/studio related?

Vaguely - it was Klutz.com/ani - I was browsing their animation how-to book, when I noticed that the software they use is a free download, and all the book was was a compilation of ideas, rather than instructions.

I need to see what software my school uses as well, to compare.

 Nice, that looks pretty cool!

Three very different cameras. I intend to get some pics up when they arrive!

The nefarious goons running Instructables have started a campaign to destroy the world (or so the K'nexers seem to think...).

What?  By improving the format?

.  This has me a bit perplexed; the "youngsters" seem to be the ones who are most displeased with the changes and the "old fogeys" seem to mostly for it. I woulda thunk it'd be the other way around. <shrug>

Change means they have to think about what they're doing.

I found the new layout surprisingly intuitive, though very different it wasn't tricky to look at and see what was what... 

Workington - my in-laws knew PC Barker.

Had a few drives out and about birding, including out past Carlisle before dawn to see the black grouse lek.


8 years ago

Have you tried the new search? Voice your frustrations about it here. Other then that, instructables got a new toy for a couple of days, and new channels and categories went live. Where were you?

Visiting family up in Cumbria.

I like the new search, although images would help.

Yeah, the no image in the search seems to be what everyone is bummed about.

 Caitlinsdad messing with Kiteman's balls?  

...Sounds like a party.

.  Back somewhere around 1982 I was selling Sony stereo and video equipment. Busy day and I was helping two customers, one a 30-35 yo couple looking at cassette decks. I saw there was a tape in the deck, so I plugged in some headphones and asked them to listen for a minute while I looked after the other customer. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the gentleman grin real big and hand the headphones to his wife. She listened for about ten seconds, started turning 15 shades of red, yanked the 'phones off her head and stormed off. Yep. You guessed what song was playing.
.  PS: The guy bought the deck for full retail under the condition that I include that tape at no cost. :)