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What did you cook/eat last? Answered

I just like reading about this. I'm a nerd. Today I ate channa masala with rice. I'm cooking kheer (rice pudding) right now, and I made some chocolate-chocolate chip-chocolate mint glaze cookies earlier. Tomorrow morning I'm making some sugar cookies with sugar coated fennel seeds as sprinkles. I thought about that eariler today, and it just sounded SO good. I have a party tomorrow night. I normally don't make so many sweets. :P


Had some pork n saurkraut yesterday too.....my wife is a traditionalist

It is when you take the time to stew the pork in the Kraut overnight in a slow cooker, but she just "added it" right before she plunked it in a bowl for my supper.

Just finished devouring a batch of pan fries.  MMMMM.

Had Mexican earlier, then went to the local Indian grocery and bought a ton of goodies.

I just had my first persimmon in years! :D

having pizza (mexican and pepperoni) and some caeser salad. YUM! 

I'm eating Chinese leftovers... pork lo mein and wontons. :D

Just got home from Chilli's......had their Cajun Pasta dish (I had to ask for some hot sauce to flavor it up a bit ;-) 

Breakfast: Baked beans on toasted white bread topped with scrambled eggs and mixed herbs, finished with a drizzle of tomato sauce. Not a culinary masterpiece but my perfect idea of early, wet, grey morning comfort food.

Lunch: Two bananas, chunky peanut butter on brown bread in the form of a sandwich, a small bar of chocolate and a small chunk of cheddar cheese. That's pretty much a normal every college day lunch for me.

Dinner: Oh the laziness! Linda Mccartney sausages, Some rather good chips seeing as they came from the oven and various vegetables, served with rose marie sauce for dipping.

Dessert: Scotch pancakes, only slightly warmed through and served with no butter, I just like to tear bits off and eat them slowly.

Snacks as of right now: Some rather disappointing shortbread.

That is all...  For now ;)

I had wanted to put this in here at the time, but forgot...sorry.

On Nov. 20th,  I went out to my fav. little Italian Cafe, and had Almond encrusted Trout.   And a bowl of the most unique and wonderful tasting chilli I have ever had  :-)   The trout was great too

I love having a toddler with sophisticated tastes!  Tonight we had creamy polenta with grilled marinated beef and mushrooms, with a port/shallot reduction (thickened with cream and cold butter), and sauteed zucchini strips.  My only concession to toddlerhood was cutting her meat and mushrooms into smaller-than-bite-sized pieces.  And we all cleaned our plates :-)

Cool !   And kudos to the toddler!   It took me nearly 40 years to learn to not judge a food before tasting it.  She will not have to struggle with that if she continues with her tastes :-)

Last night I made and ate pheasant casserole. Tonight I'm having green thai curry (will be an ible following soon).

I'm actually looking forward to seeing that Ible.
A few days ago, I went out to a local Bistro, to celebrate my back's healing. . . I  treated myself to flash-fried calamari, and a gourmet Mediterranean pizza.   I needed that little break :-) 
I like a good old fashioned non-alcoholic ginger beer too.

I haven't had ginger beer in forever. That stuff is sooooo good. I do however, have a ton of ginger altoids right now. :D

I get a brand of ginger beer with Capsicum in it.   It has a nice warm feel to it also, without the need of alcohol. :-) 

Oh, that sounds so good.

I went out with friend and had Thai food. I got pad thai as always, tofu, no egg, level 3/5 spicy. :P

Oh it WAS good.   I even treated myself to a local micro-brewery's beer (it has been a good 4 years since I've had any beer, and much longer then that for anything that tasted good).   It was a nice dark color, had a mildly fruity flavor, and after the first sip, one could taste that it was a little heavy on the hops side (a non-lite Lager) but I loved it (at $4.50 a glass, I milked it for the whole meal however :-) 

I love Thai food (and Pad Thai is one of their national dishes IIRC), but we have so few really decent places around me that serve anywhere near authentic Thai food.  Still,  I always try to get something ''different'' when I do go. :-)   Locally though there is one place that makes Pad see ew, which is similar, but a bit higher in salt content (so I have to watch it with that :-) .    

BTW:  I should be healed enough to return to work by Friday 11/06, if things continue to progress as they are. :-)

When I see or hear people describe beer like that I really wish I liked it. :P I really only taste the alcohol when I drink it. The closest I can get is Woodchuck cider.

And that's awesome! Make sure to take it easy until then. I'm crossing my fingers for no setbacks! :D

Well, you understand, I am not talking about normal, find it in any Distributor type of beer.   It really has a lot less alcohol in it then, say a Hornsby's Hard Cider or a Mike's Hard Lemonade (oh and looking up Woodchuck (hard) Cider, their site says that Woodchuck contains about %5 alcohol.   Relatively speaking, many beers have less alcohol than that (2-4%, with 4% being about average) and a few higher, but not by much. 
Although I am certainly not encouraging drinking (especially at $4-$5 a glass), but I do like to do so, a little now and then, on very infrequent occasions.   That day was a good one because my wife was driving :-)   Not that one glass would get me drunk, it is just that, after so long without, I would not feel competent to drive.

Yeah, I am fairly sure I will be back to work on Nov. 6th.  Things are moving along nicely.

No wonder I get to feeling pretty warm and fuzzy after just one Woodchuck! I think it's the sweetness of that cider for me - it balances out the harsh alcoholic taste. :)

I actually just started drinking the end of last year. I used to be highly against it, but I've come to realize that once every few months is not bad, and it can actually complement what I'm eating.

Indeed.  A little wine can compliment some meals very well, as do a few other  drinks....but I tend to avoid hard liquor (although I did at one time like Scotch)

And how come it posted that as a reply to you, and posted it twice? I may have to report a bug... (second time it's done that type of thing today...)

I don't know, make sure you did not get a resend msg. and accidentally sent it twice :-) 

Bread pudding, Was loooooovly!

I just made pasta salad for the first time - egg noodles, red pepper, kalamata olives, fresh parsley, dried oregano, olive oil, red wine vinegar. :D And I have two homemade apples pies in the oven for the staff at the store - we need a morale boost! Sunday is the worst day of the week so they'll surely come in handy!


8 years ago

I had fresh stew with biscuits and man was that tasty.

That sounds amazing. I want stew. I might have to make it this week. :P

I walked down to the grocery a little bit ago and bought some small steaks and other stuff.

We're having seared steaks (I think I'm going to do garlic and oregano on them) with homemade guacamole (already made and sitting to get to room temp!) and black bean and pepper salad (which I found on a random blog while searching, it looks really good!

Plus, I'll have leftovers for tomorrow for lunch, which is great.

Just minutes ago, I finished a lunch of one Special Lobster roll (makes 8-9 pieces) having Lobster, Flying Fish roe, Scallions, mayo, Wasabi & Red Tobikko.

Also, I consumed one Octopus Sushi roll, and one Yellow-tail Sashimi roll.

The Yellow-tail came recommended, so I tried that first. Then I made for the octopus. Both of those where great. But nothing I ordered today compared to the Lobster Roll. Oh that was just soooooo good.

Yes, and it was delicious too.....one small note.....the Yellow Tail Sashimi was obviously not a roll, I don't know what made me write that.....sashimi is sliced raw fish sometimes served on or beside a bed of Daikon (shredded white radish).

It is pricey, but for what they go through to make sure it is safe, it is worth it :-)

I cooked a pound of garbanzo beans in the oven earlier, and for dinner I seared some porkchops seasoned with homemade chili powder mix and then let them rest while I seared some peppers and onions in the fat. I added some garlic and, cilantro, parsley and a couple of big spoons of the garbanzo beans and mixed it all together. It's delicious. :D


8 years ago

Salmon and blue fish with a side of noodles really good.

Today I went to the Indian buffet yet again and then stopped by the Indian grocery next door and bought a bag of sweet/spicy samosas. I'm currently trying to not eat all of them. :P

:-) When I was in NYC, I stopped at the JHANKAR which was good, but nor very spicy . . . I like a little fire in my Vindaloo ;-)

Ah, I had such a WONDERFUL new gastronomical experience today. Although I had tried a few bits of Sushi in the recent past, I hadn't really gone the whole route, but today, I had both Sushi and Sashimi: The Maki-sushi was excellent. The Chirashi-sushi was exquisite. But really I enjoyed the experience of having eel (Anago), octopus, salmon, monkfish, Ahi, Aji-No-Moto, Albacore (sashimi grade), nigiri sushi, Karei, and of course the Beni-shoga to cleanse the palate. Not to mention the Wasabi to cleanse the sinuses and make for a better taste experience :-) I recognized the shredded Daikon and the cucumber slices in the center of the meal right away. Oh, I nearly forgot the wonderful Miso soup they served with the lunch, and I had Oolong tea along with it all. Also, nearly forgot to add in WHERE I had my wonderful experience.... Ginmiya Chinese & Japanese Restaurant RECOMMENDED :-)

Try a yellowtail naruto roll sometime...Instead of nori, they're wrapped in cucumber...almost don't need pseudowasabi...then again, I only use pseudowasabi for the kick, so it's a piece with, a piece without....

Indeed. I don't consider the Wasabi necessary, but I do like the taste of it. And I am a big horseradish lover too :-)

Lolz...I see you immediately grokked my reference..Some day I just have to try the real thing. I've heard that once you taste it, there's no going back. Honesty, when I get simple tuna rolls or eel, I don't even use it...I love the taste of the nori too much. in the one, and the sweet sauce and slightly fishy, grilled flavor of the eel in the other. it's a hit or miss for any other, and at this point , when I'm lucky enough to get it (i bought my self a Sushimi meal for my B-day a few weeks ago), I like to relish the flavor of the base ingredients...American "wasabi" tends to kill the flavors... Oh, btw, I found another use for wasabi/soy mix...it's really tasty on fried or grilled catfish. Gives it just a hint of heat and a certain smokiness somehow... I do like horseradish on beef sandwiches

much better than PB&J; and ramen soup... Grrrr.....

Hmm, have you ever had Peanut soup? I am serious

nope, although there is a dish that is served in some chinese restaurants that is essentially spaghetti and peanut butter (ok...so it's really tahini...but it tastes like peanut butter...