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What did you guys do with your Income Tax check this year? Answered

Hey guys April 15 was this week, what did you guys do/will do with your Income Tax refund? Did you invest it? Put it in savings? Spend it on useless crap or does the IRS still have it because you still havent filed your taxes? Im getting about 1300 this year. I dont know if I want to buy a new rifle with it or just stick it in a CD with some change i got saved up. What are you guys doing with yours?


Don't you mean cheque ?

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Mine's stewing in my bank account. Took some fighting to get it off the old tax man as well.

I pay the correct amount of tax (or rather Payroll do it for me). Last time I didn't I bought the PC I'm using.


thats not a bad idea, no sense giving the government an interest free loan. Most of mine came from a bonus i received.

nothing...i owed this year .... though...we are going to refile since we can get in on that 8000 first time home buyers deal (woot! don't have to repay it!)