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What dish soap (for handwashing dishes) is best to use in hard water ? Answered

I've tried a couple different brands but they all leave spots, even though I use the hottest water possible for rinsing.


Calgon make the water "wetter" so that it runs off instead of beading.  What it does is breaks the surface tension.  No drops no spots.

Rinse with cold water, them polish with a towel. If you use cold, more of it runs off, less evaporates to leave residue.


 Spotting comes from water droplets that dry on the dishes.  Since the water is hard, it has minerals in it.  The spots are the mineral residue.   One way to prevent that is to dry the dishes with a towel.  Another method would be to have distilled (or deionized) water in a squirt bottle, and give the dishes or glassware a rinse with that--you don't have to used much.  Trouble, though.

If you have hard water, use detergent to wash dishes.  Soap will form a scum with hard water.  I Googled "hard water washing" and found many good ideas.  You might want to check this.