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What do I do with a couple of friends? Answered

  I'm 12 years old and me and my friends haven't been enjoying our times together. Can you help us find something to do over a weekend. We like Nerf, music, movies, jokes, food, and fun. Please! We're hopeless!




Thanks! I don't think I'll reach million though.

Oh no if your attitude is positive and you keep working at it you WILL get there believe me.

Getting rich isn't about just being lucky or being a genius in general it is about having a goal you stick to. Any number of millionaires started out with something very humble, an ice cream van for example, the guy now owns hotels, spa's and gyms in a huge empire.

from one of the UK's papers Saturday 26th March 2011:

"The number of millionaires in Britain is growing by more than a hundred every day, as the country emerges from the depths of the recession."

No matter where you live - enterprise isn't bound by national borders.

To succeed you have to try.

A couple of youngsters local to here organised a recycling collection, they get $2 a bag the collect and recycle the contents - as they go round they also sell eggs from their own chickens at $1.50 for 12 - not bad when the cost of feed is about 10 c per 12 eggs.


OK! I have an orchard! My dad drinks beer and pop a lot! Thanx!

Hmmm...we were going to sell some pies to a local resturaunt and they would pay us good money, but that was last year when we ran out of apples.

Stop being negative and start thinking positively. Everything good doesn't always happen to everyone else you know!.

Sorry, I'm the kind that always thinks negative.


7 years ago

Try seeing how many ants you can heat up with a magnifying glass.

Aw!!! Your so mean! I like to do that, but I usually by a great big chargable R/C car and run them over! But I usually run over bigge bugs like spiders, beatles, and potato bugs!

Done that before, but everyone gets hurt too often. And plus I don't have enough money even for the cheapest one ever.

Me and my friends play a game called bike-ball where you are all on bikes, and try to throw a soccer/volley ball into the basket of the bikes its pretty fun.

OOH! That sounds awesome! But I don't know, we don't nessesarily have any where so...I might CrAsH!!! But that sounds awesome! :D

Ping Pong tournament? RISK? bicycle races? Build a fort? Start a neighborhood odd jobs business?

We don't have a ping pong table or padles. I don't know what's RISK. We've built forts. What are neighborhood odd jobs business? (I can't do neighborhood odd jods business becuase I'm i the cuontry)

RISK is a board game that can be played by four or five players. You try to take over the world.

Sorry to hear you don't have a ping pong table nearby. It can be a lot of fun.

I didn't realize you were out in the country. yeah, odd jobs would be a lot harder to come by in the country. (cleaning yards, mowing lawns, raking leaves, cleaning garages, basements, painting fences, etc. odd jobs. I did them when I was your age)

Sorry I wasn't more help. good luck!

Hmmm. that sounds fun! I know ping pong is fun! My friends has an air hockey thing, buthis mom usually wants him to come to my house and not his so...that stinks! Is RISK an easy game to find?

it's not "hard" to find, but if you don't have it and your friends don't you'll probably have to buy it (toy stores often have risk)

There are a lot of games you can make up too. We used to play checkers, monopoly, and pretty much any board game we could find. Picture puzzles too, and we used to make up games.

What about making something ? There a 1000s of ideas here. Ask you friends for their help at finding something cool you'd all like to try.


Well, we're obsessed with NERF, but sometimes it gets boring. I don't know about outside fun becuase over here in Salonas, it's raining so hard...that we're getting flash floods (I live near Salinas 'country').

I didn't say outdoor fun particularly, just making something cool.