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What do I do with a random pile of stuff? Answered

I have this pile of random stuff i just collected but have no idea what to do with it. Here's what I have: bubblewrap, jeans,  plaid shorts, cardboard, newspaper, coins, key, embellishments from a pair of pants, bobby pins, ribbon, stickers, small tin, Q-tips, rubber duck, silly bands, plain CDs, embroidery floss, beads,  foam clown nose, paint, paintbrush, glue, tape, markers, milk jug, soda can, sweater, hemp cord, construction paper, some seashells, eletrical tape, leather cord ,a 4 foot tall plastic tube,  and tootsie rolls.That is the longest sentence i ever wrote. If you have an idea of what  to do with any of this write a comment.


Wowza. Okay here we go...cut up the milk jug and make a sculpture, use the silly bands as stencils, if the sweater is wool, felt it and make an ipod, eyeglass, cellphone, etc. case, smash a soda can or two, wrap in electrical tape, and use it as a hockey puck, glue the rubber duck on a rock(easy to find) and then glue the clown nose on its head and you've got yourself an afro duckie doorstop! Use the bobby pins as bookmarks, paperclips, or to open a door(hehe), paint the tin and put your extra coins in it, glue the shells together(might need hot glue gun:P) and use to hold small items, glue the paper to the cardboard, if it's thin, on both sides (not too much glue), draw some bird silhouettes and cut out, paint over w/ some modge podge if available, add a hole up top, thread some floss through, and hang from a pretty stick, like a mobile, or if the cardboard's thick use as a cork board. Pop the bubble wrap bubbles( oh, yeah!) and use as a seat on wet grass, a mat for your dirty cleats, boots, etc., or for stuffing a pillow or such, use the cds as a candle dish(just don't let it catch fire, it might blow up, I don't know), coaster for drinks,or place in a plastic bag, smash into pieces w/ a hammer(oh...yeaahh), glue a piece of fishing line or thread between two like pieces(watch the sharp ends! You may be able to sand them, don't know), and hang from a painted dowel rod w/ some beads, use the hemp cord, some more beads, and a bracelet, zipper pull, etc., use the ribbon to tie your hair(I beg your pardon if you are a man) or your curtains, cut up and sew the jeans to make a tool belt(there that's manly,haha), use the q-tips to clean your keyboard or apply makeup(again, I am sorry if you are a man) and finally, cut the shorts and sew into a wristlet/wallet w/ some batting and a zipper and use some leather cord as a zipper pull or if you play baseball/softball sew it into a ball stuff it and hang it from a tree branch using the cord(not too long) and swing for the fences!
Hope ya like my ideas! =^,,^=

Organise it.



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Make a big collage, some grand artistic "statement", then try and sell it through a local gallery, or online.

You have a pile of gold there, do everything!


6 years ago

See how small a cube it can be compacted into.


6 years ago

Don't  try to smoke the hemp :-)


Why worry about what to do - it has value in it's own beauty.

Eventually something will crop up.