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What do I do with an emergency stop switch? project ideas Answered

  So I have an emergency stop switch. It has a NC and NO switch contact block, well two, that can be independently wired, and thrown at the same time.It is KEY RESETABLE. What can I use it for? I was thinking some kind of alarm or something basic with LEDs? Open to any other ideas though


Personally, I'd love to have one wired into the power lines for my workshop, which is the kind of application those EPO buttons were originally designed for.

Some of those switches can handle a bajillion amps - and have the contactor built in :D

.  Going by the OP's description, the switch has contact blocks. The vast majority of contact blocks I have seen for Emergency ShutDown/PowerOff switches* are rated for 15-20 A interrupting and would require a contactor/relay for most applications beyond a single duplex receptacle. YMMV.

* Same contact blocks as everything else, just a different actuator/operator.

True, I've been using it in-line with my power tools...

hook it up to the interwebs. When it's time for your parents to send you to bed, they simply hit the switch and the internets cut out. :)

Haha I already made a switch like that, with just a lightswitch from Homedepot for 69 cents.. hahaha

Hook it up to a bomb (fireworks)


I like that, but I think a different type of switch is better..

What about wiring to be a on/off button for a device. I mean wouldn't it be cool to have a big red button sitting on your table, when pressed your favorite song comes on, dum de dudum dum...

I think you should connect it to the play/pause button on your DVD, or other media, player. That way when y'all are watching a movie, and someone has to use the bathroom, then he or she, or the duly authorized movie officer, can hit the big effing EMERGENCY STOP switch, and it will pause your movie for you. Then after the call to nature has been addressed, you can turn the key, or move the switch back, and your movie will start playing again.

Note: figuring out how to actually do the wiring, and/or infrared signaling, is left as an exercise for the interested reader.


7 years ago

You could gut a USB Keyboard. Use the switch to short a function key like play or pause.