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What do I do with my old laptop parts? Answered

I have decided to disassemble my vaio laptop and am wondering what to do with all the different peices.  PLEASE HELP!


There was recently a dead computer contest. You could check that out and maybe make some use of it.

depends greatly on the AGE of the sony.

Anything from selling the bits on craigslist(you'd be surprised how many people want your junk!), to a nifty piece of wall art.

If the harddrive s more than 12GB, I'd get a usb case for it, and instantly have a cheap, large, "palm drive"(being a little too large for thumbdrive status.)

Personally, I use one laptop screen as a highly portable light table, for viewing film negatives. Old memory can be used to beef up similar era laptops, that may be working better/worth more. Almost ALL laptops have nice heatpipe cooling solutions begging to be re-used.

If you get down to the laptops main board... take it to an electronics recycle drop-off. Not only do they usually keep the nasty stuff out of landfills... They get reused, meaning a reduced need to make/mine/refine.

Maybe there's a place like this near you..
FreeGeek Columbus relies on your support! Your old computers and your cash donations allow FreeGeek Columbus to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for Columbus residents, provide computers to those who need them, and continue to educate people about Linux and Free Software. Please donate today!
FreeGeek Columbus provides computers and training for limited-resource populations in Central Ohio through redistribution of used equipment and the use of Free Software. FreeGeek Columbus is committed to Free Software, responsible electronics recycling, and community engagement.
They actually teach the usage of Ubuntu.