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What do I do with the left over yarn part that I have start with? Answered

I have taught myself last Monday night how to knit. So I caught on quick by Tuesday night and decided to start a scarf with two colors going back and forth, like stripes and 20 lines of each color. So I finish my first 20 lines with one color and notice that I have like a tail thingy hanging off at where I started the whole thing. So what do I do with it so it wont unravel?


The proper way to finish off the ends is to thread the yarn on a yarn or tapestry needle (it has a rounder end and larger thread hole). Then weave the loose end into the knitting, so that it kind of disappears in your work.

You will want to make sure to have at least 5-6 inches of yarn ends when you begin and end any project to allow you the ability to thread the ends onto a needle and weave them in.

If you haven't left yourself enough of an end, and have a crochet hook, you can probably work whats left of the yarn end into the knit with the hook.

You're welcome. :)

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Happy knitting.

I know because when I clicked on your answer as the best answer the reply button dispear. Unless I missed it.

Wolfernite, I wasn't sure if you knew or not. You'd be surprised at how many "unanswered" questions there are that in fact are answered. You are right about the button, for whatever reason, once the answer is selected, the option to reply goes away. So I can only comment now this way.

Thanks for picking my answer. I am a knitter as well. I learned from my mom who's been knitting her whole life, so I do know that "knotting it and cutting off the end" is not the way to do it.

So again, Happy Knitting. - And Merry Christmas!


6 years ago

Tie it in a knot to the piece and trim off the excess with scissors.