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What do I have to do to put my collection of VHS movies onto DVD? Answered

I have a ton of these tape cassettes that are disintegrating over time.  I just want to have a back up because some of these movies are not offered on DVD ? Is there a software out there somewhere that will do the job?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Its fairly easy. Just get a DVD recorder and play the VHS tapes while recording. Depending on your recorder, you can set up things like chapters and menus for easier access to certain to certain parts of the movie. There are lots of guides about this on instructables.

Do you have a DVD recorder?

I just plug my VHS player into the DVD recorder and make discs from tapes.

If youve got a ton of tapes then take them to a processor and make a deal with them. If you do it you'll ruin half of them and have to redo them. You'll waste half of your life waiting for those darn tapes to finish and loose interest about 1/5 of the way thru and not finish them all. Then someday you will regret not having them made.