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What do I need to do to solder easily? Answered

We I have a cheapy soldering iron and I am just trying my hand at simple led projects. However when I try to solder none of the solder "sticks" to the components. The solder just sticks to my tip. How do I fix this problem for good.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Try pretinning the components in advance. If you cannot even pretin them, then try cleaning the component leads with a burnishing tool or some fine sandpaper, first. If that doesn't work, I bet you are using lead-free solder. That's a headache you don't need. Buy some 40/60 rosin-core lead solder. It might be your iron is too weak. But if your iron easily melts solder, then I doubt this to be the problem, unless your component leads are very large. If none of that helps, then try adding some flux to the component leads before pretinning them. If all of that fails, then you might have some very old components that are not compatible with modern solder. I have some old germanium diodes that will not solder, at all. I wire wrap them.

Sounds as if (as others have suggested) you are not getting the components hot. Heat the item, and apply the solder to the item, do not apply the solder to the iron.

It sounds to me like your iron isn't getting hot enough.

You should use the search box, like Jayefuu suggests.


You need to tin the soldering iron. This is fancy speak for clean. Also, before applying solder leave the tip on the surface to be soldered for a few seconds to heat it up, then add the solder. There are loads of good detailed soldering ibles on here that'll help you.