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What do I need to make laptop stand cooler? Answered

I would like to make my own custom laptop stand cooler with fan (6 fan) of 8 or 9cm
The reason why I need it that many is because my laptop gets overheat quickly & sometimes it shuts down by itself.

Ps: I would like to connect the fans to wallplug with adapter or usb wall plug adapter.

1. I would like to know what do I need besides 6 fan, mdf / acrilyc for the stand, adapter, usb cable?
2. For this project, which fan is the best for me, 2 pins, 3 pins or 4 pins?
3. Moreover, which voltage should I have a look and which 1 is better: high rpm or cfm flow?


Edit 1:
Sorry as Im complitely blind with electricity, I will have to ask lots of questions.

Hp already acknowledge the problem but cannot do anything with the overheating other than suggesting using external fan & at this moment im using deskfan to blow the exhaust hole of the laptop.

So this is for example the fan that I found on eBay
Voltage, 12V.
Voltage range, 6 to 13.8V.
Current, 0.20Amps.
Speed, 4500RPM at rated voltage and zero pressure.
Flow (max), 67CFM.
Pressure Rise (Max), 0.3inH2O.

Thanks again for all the answer

Edit 2:
To make it easy, this is my question

1. Id like to put 5 fans with above spec, does that mean I need power adaptor that can handle 1A (5x0.20A) ?

2. Would it be better if I use power adaptor 2000mA or better to stick with 1000mA ?

3. Im planning to use dc connector head (see pict) but I only see 2 cable holes. If the fan has 3 or 4 cables, which cable should be put in the minus hole and which one in the plus hole, and what to do with the rest of the cable(s) ?

4. Would this power adaptor perfect for my project?

Sorry again with this dummy questions, but like I said Im complitely blind with electricity.

Thanks for all the answer



5 years ago

I believe you're way over-thinking this thing. All you need do is elevate the laptop enough so that you can get an airflow underneath to remove the heat.
You could prop the back of the laptop up with a wooden block and direct a small desk fan to blow underneath so as to remove the heat, and that would work as well as what you are contemplating.
I'm not saying that is what you should do, but its just to give you the general idea of what you need to accomplish. I suggest you take a look at some of the many instructables about the subject on this site and borrow any ideas that you like or will work with what you have or can easily obtain. Then build something that accomplishes the general task.
All things considered, its a relatively simple job, you don't need to turn it into a massive engineering project.

I am already using the cheap laptop stand with 3 fans underneath and its still overheating, that why at this moment I am also using desk fan to blow the laptop in order to keep it cool.

I also regularly cleanout the heatsink each months, but I guess the problem is with HP as I mentioned that they recognize the problem but cant do anything.

I not saying id like to make it into massive engineering or too complicated but I realized my level or electricity is different with your level which all I can say is I know almost nothing, that is why I ask this due to the fact that I dont know if its possible to power all 5 fan using adapter as most of the DIY in the website only explain how to make the stand but not to power it.


Well, that indicates to me that a simple fan cooling system is not likely to work.
What does HP have to say about the issue?
It sounds to me like the heat sinks are inadequate or the case is not properly ventilated, eg; not enough vent holes or poorly designed internal ventilation flow, etc..
What is the model of your laptop?

Hp Pavillion dv3-2350ed.

I had it almost 1.5 year, and i still have the warranty until march 2013.
The problem occurs in the last 6 months when I use it for almost from when I wake up until i sleep (more less 12h a day) since I need it to write my thesis and doing desk research.

I already consult with hp techinicians and from drivers update, hard reset (+ cleaning the heatsink), etc, only works temporary.

Hp said since its still under warranty they would like to change the wireless module (as usually after automatic shutdown, the wireless module is not detected), but they do acknoledge the heat problem and only advice me to use extra fan.

So far with extra deskfan blowing right onto the heat sink seems to work.

If overheating is becoming a problem under normal use, you should clean out the fan and heatsink.

As you are going with an AC adapter to power it, you may as well go with 12V fans as you'll get a wider range and will be able to get more powerful fans should you need them.

The power supply will need to be able to supply at least as much as the total current of the fans, which may be difficult to find to power 6x80mm fans.

If you want mains voltage fans then you could look at the so called BOX fan used in large electronic cooling systems.



Otherwise you will be looking at PC type fans that often run from 5 or 12 volts.

Your main aim is volume of air exchanged rather then pressure or fan speed.

Actually depending on how long you have your lap top on you may be as well off with a couple of ice packs under it and exchange them every few hours.

Sitting on a hard surface with free air flow your lap top shouldn't over heat - Check the cooling vents are free of dirt and dust.

All you need is the fans with 2 pins. The 3 pin kind use the 3rd pin to report RPMs back to a motherboard. The 4 pin kind are for motherboards that support reading RPM and speed control. A USB power adapter will not be able to support 6 5V fans. You'll want to go with 12V fans to get more cooling and you will need a wall adapter that can support the combined power of all 6 fans. So look at how many watts each fan draws and get an adapter that offers more power then the combined 6 fans.