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What do I use to convert a servo output into a motor output? Answered

I'm thinking about using a board that only controls servos for a robot. But servos don't have the power I need to move it. How do I convert a servo cable so It will run a motor. Or what do I use?Help? ry25920?



Best Answer 9 years ago

what you need is a pwm motor controller. it will plug into the pwm output of where a servo would be, plug into a power supply and will connect to a motor. the pwm controller will also give you speed control obver the motors if your board is able to handle pwm signals. i like the victor 883/884. i am in robotics, and these came with the FIRST robotics controllers. i am sure there are other brands but that is what i use. you can see more about them at ifirobotics.com

Uh....Cough, Cough.....I think my wallet just wet itself. The price on the victor is a bit on the pricey side, but the info is good. This will work with any regular servo connection... right?

yes... it will work with any regular servo connection. servoss are controlled by pwm. the victors are probably overkill for your application. the victors are designed to natively handle up to 30 amps current, which unless you are building a competition/heavy duty robot, you probably won't reach. We have also used the hb25 from parallax, and the sabertooth, available at lynxmotion.com. these run about 50-60 bucks a pop, and also work well. They will handle less current however.