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What do Nokia use to glue LCD/ main board cables with ? Answered

Opening a Nokia 1661 mobile phone (its an uber-cheap UK phone ) to replace the LCD, I have the usual orangey flex PCB material off the LCD, basically GLUED to the mating surface on the main  PCB. The old display tails peeled off, but I can't identify the strange grey glue they used to mate the connections.

Has anyone any ideas ? It almost looks like partially cooked solder paste, but that would conduct all over, and I can't see any isolation. Its not "rubbery" that I can tell.





8 years ago

i've already changed one of these 1661 LCD by simply peel-off the old one and remove the remaining glue by scratching. carefully solder the new display.

Who knows? I'll be one of those special industry-tailored-for-a-purpose things I'd think. Much as we might both go searching, the person who finds the specific chemical make-up would deserve a prize.
"Industry-polymer/adhesive news" might be the best entry to finding out?


What worries me is how the hell to align the wires without the magic 'ikum'

- the thing must be replaceable, or you wouldn't be able to buy spares.

Mmm, sound like "not user serviceable", BUT someone is selling the parts. You could use epoxy or silicone-sealant?


Videod the dis-assembly to do an 'ible - and now I can't get it back together again...

The Irony.


Oh cack. I don't suppose the video helps on reassembly...


you could try some wire glue, spread it only on the contacts, not shorting anything out