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What do i do if my pet chiwawa tries to kill me? Answered

OK, include how to spell chiwawa in your answer. Second, he killed all my chickens,  my lizard, and a tree(dont ask). and for those who dont know, a chiwawa is a small mexican breed of dog.




8 years ago

Never heard of a chiwawa. If you can't figure out how to spell chihuahua, I don't think that you will be able to figure out how to control your massive raging beast of a dog. I would recommend finding Cujo a new, loving, literate, home.

Wow and i thought i was harsh on people who fail at spooling worms... ehem... spelling words.

A chihuahua is passive to humans unless they are unfamiliar to them. (strangers). Just use a little verbal discipline. Never hurt it.

If all else fails. call the techno viking.

You need to find out why the dog is so violent.  Then get him some training or you'll have to pen him up.  You're out of stuff to kill and he's gonna go for the neighbors next.