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What do i do? Answered

Hi, I feel like i have destroyed my life and i dont know what to do but give up in life. Well first it started i had a horrible acid trip a while ago and i still think about that day and i still get the same bad feelings that i got to this day i feel like everyone around me is against me even people i dont know but especially my friends. I have failed all my college classes because i reallly dont know if i wanna do what i am going to college for right now. I have just got two huge speeding tickets and have to go to court and am going to loose my liscense most likely and since im 18 my insurance has gone out the roof and i cant afford to pay for my ticket i just got lime two weeks ago. I was stupidly stupidly stupidly seeing a 15 year old girl and we had sex and her parents found out and they are threatening to put me in jail for statutory rape which this just happened this week. My ex girlfriend just called me and told me i might have a STD cause she got tested and has an std, and i might have given the 15 year old girl the std which would just make my life even better. I really dont know what to do anymore thats why i wrote this cause i was hoping i might be able to understand my life and why i should live.



maybe you can try STDloves.com fore some useful tips and advices! or dating some one else with STD there


10 years ago

Sorry, if this is a true topic, but I do feel that this a trolled topic. What is with all of these new members who's only topic is about something that people feel widely different about? Again, sorry if you really are in this position, but I have to wonder.

I just hope they, are not ible regulars in need of help. Not wanting anyone to know their identity.. That would be sad.... :(

i truly am an this position and i just thought i would let you know that. Have a great day.


10 years ago

If I was in your shoes, I know exactly what I would do:
(But that doesn't mean it will work for you.)
1.Freak out a whole lot.
2.Pray a whole lot.
3.Go to a safe place that you KNOW is safe. Read #6.
4.Don't make the same mistakes again. Start over.
5.Forget about driving until you can afford to solve your problem.
I guess you really should go to court (and beg for mercy).
But don't drive yourself there. Prepare to lose your license.
6.Get counseling from a pastor, mental health clinic, or
an elder you trust and admire - a mentor, one who will not simply
judge and condemn "your life" as much as you have.
If they do, they're no help at all! Seek only good help.
7.If college has no resources to help you such as counseling,
or extra study help, you're probably going to flunk out.
After that, Study at a library until you are ready to go back.
8.Calm down, be quiet, rest, chill out. Notice that the world still
keeps turning. Do hobby kinds of things. Volunteer if you can.
Get a job if you can. If you can't, read this line again.
And read this line again before you have a nervous breakdown.
9.Getting branded a rapist sounds like a hell to me, sorry I can't
help you with that, I hope someone can. It seems to me your
other problems are as easy as 123 compared to that one.
10.Just like you haven't found the right girl, you haven't found the
right life. Keep looking, it's worth it! Take it slowly and think about
it a lot so you don't get into more trouble. You don't know what you
haven't found yet, and they obviously didn't teach it in school.
11.Look at #8 again. If people pressure you, look at #3 again.
(Pressure=to party or work too hard if you freak out and need rest.)
12.Make a list of things that you would like to change in your life
as they come to mind. If those things are possible
(not science fiction)
then that list is your PLAN. If the list is on a word processor,
it's a control panel for your life. Feel free to change it.

1st things first, you need to stop digging. stop. everything is fixable. but you can't get back to even if you keep making it worse and digging deeper. 2nd get help. you need to get tested for STD's you can probably do this at the same time your at the Crisis centre. I know in canada where I live there is a community crisis centre located in the hospital....... you just go to the emergency room and ask to speak to a crisis counceler. you need to do this or find a similar program in your area. These people are there for this exact kind of thing. there there to help you before it gets worse. these are the 2 best pieces of advice I can give you. don't try to tough it out....... get help and fix it. If the emergency room is something you can't do or you can't find that kind of program make an appointment with your family doctor and tell him exactly what is going on.....including the drugs and the girl...... health recoreds are all confidental and he's not gonna call the swat team on you...... he's there to help. you need to work with one of these people to work out a plan to fix this stuff. you need to keep a routine. get up in the morning, take a shower eat your breakfast, then do what you have to do. don't fall off the grid....thats not gonna make anything better. There's not alot i can really do on a forum to talk you through this. you need to repair this stuff.....the right way. and you need help to find the best way to accomplish that. Get to a crisis centre NOW, or make your doctors appointment TODAY or first thing tomorrow. when you get in there don't bullshit the doc tell him straight and tell him you need help. Get it done, and you'll know the reason why you need to keep living as soon as you talk to a doc and head in the direction of fixing things. Shit happens, but everything is ok even when its not. as long as you can wake up in the morning you can fix it.