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What do judges look for in a contest? Answered



7 years ago

A clear instructable with good grammar and spelling. The project should be something original and should also be of decent quality. It doesn't need to be useful, but it has to look cool. Also, if your project is really hard or really easy, you might get some bonus. At least from my experience from the USB contest...

A good contest should have a clear goal, rules that are unambiguous, and be easy for the contestants to enter. Prizes should be consistent in value to the effort contestants must expend to enter.

+1. Effort, Originality, and overall project quality.

I'm sorry, I'm afraid I worded this question poorly, how do they decide upon a winner? what do they look for in an entry?

It goes to ibles users to vote, then top group are then decided by the judges on the above categories.

how do they judge it? what do they look for in a winner?

Plagarism!!! ...well, you did reference the original I guess...lol

Extra points for spelling and grammatical perfection.