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What do popular songs sound like they're ''really'' describing to you? What hidden meanings can you find? Answered

What is an example of a song that is about one thing that you think sounds like something else? For example, I think the song "Disturbia" by Rihanna, describes grief. The chorus lines go: It's a thief in the night to come and grab you/It can creep up inside you and consume you/A disease of the mind it can control you It's really about disturbing things that happen in suburbia, but to me anyway, my interpretation is correct. So what songs do you have like that?


I like most of the songs/music on the album / CD "Beethoven's Last Night" by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra because I can apply it to my life either now or in the past. I can relate to it in a way (although I am not going "deaf" as fast as Beethoven did, I can still relate).

A song that really describes me is called " Dreams of an absolution ". Really reflects my dreams of absolution.


10 years ago

I usually just take my songs at face value. Of course, most of my songs don't have a deeper meaning.

7 days.

What do you think 7 days is describing?

I know what it's describing. Do you know what it's describing? ;-D

Never heard it...lemme check youtube.

7 days isn't a song, it's a length of time.

ROFLOL! I found a song on youtube called 7 days that is a love song...I thought for sure that was what you were referring to... Why did you say 7 days then...?

You should know what's happening in 7 days (almost 6!)


I completely forgot! That's cool.

We just watched Burn Notice last night...kinda a let down...

I never could get into that show. I watch Psych just because it comes on after Monk.

I love Psych...how can you not love Burn Notice?? "I just opened that!"

Psych is my favorite.
Monk is pretty funny.
The guy in burn notice is a bad actor.

but that doesnt keep me from watching it

I love songs like that, 0 meaning, but we strive to find hidden meaning anyway :P

Like hearing demonic things by listening to "Stairway to Heaven" backwards? Or all those Beatle's songs people think have hidden messages in? Madness, madness!

Revolution 9 backwards has messages. Hotel California does too. I never could hear it in Stairway.

No, I don't mean that crazy...just slightly crazy. :D

When I looked at the soulja boy music video, the message was that I should do their dance which is the only thing thats good on the song...


10 years ago

(something witty and thought-provoking goes here) yeah