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What do you call the threaded pipe that a shower head attaches to? Answered

I need to know what to call the piece of threaded  pipe that comes out of the shower wall a little above head height.  It's the pipe that I screw the shower head onto.    This has got to be an easy question for someone here.



Best Answer 1 year ago

Showerhead nipple is what I would ask for in a hardware store and expect to get a chromed shiny pipe that wont rust and discolor the shower tiles...

THANK YOU, iceng! Now I don't have to go into the plumbing place and wave my arms around. Easier for the sales staff, too.

You are welcome mole.. If U have a picture phone take a shot with you anyway...

Whenever I shop boxed food my wive sends me a pic of the box.. For example there are seven variations of almond milk etc..

I tried looking for this using Google Images, and I found two different diagrams that call this part a "shower arm", and Iink to these two images here:



I mean, I didn't know what it was called either.

BTW, for almost all the shower plumbing I have seen in real life, the thread is 1/2-inch male NPT on this "shower arm", and 1/2-inch female thread on the "shower head"


Thank you, Jack A Lopez, especially for the thread info. Originally I was looking on Drew's plumbing glossary and had no idea of the different kinds of threads possible. I'm guessing Arm or Nipple is a regional thing, so it's good to know both. Thanks for your input.