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What do you do if you are losing all your friends just because of the person you love? Answered

what am i saposed to do if im losing all my friends just because of the guy i love,?



Why are you losing all your friends because of your boyfriend? Do they not like him because he smells bad? Does his haircut not fit with the in style? Is he too much of a nerd? Is he too much of a thug? Is he too cool or too uncool? Wrong color? Wrong religion? Too rich? Too poor? Too smug? Too reserved?

Is he isolating you or are your "friends" isolating him?

As much as I would warn you not to become involved with a bad guy, I would also warn you not to follow the dictate of the "crowd" like a stupid sheep. In the end it's your life, and the truth is, most of these girls will probably abandon you by the time you're all college age for a guy,another group, college, a job, or just because they have to move across country, just as much as it's likely that this "love" will be gone within the year, and sad to say, in 10 or 20 years, you won't even remember his face.

Hun, you're 15. As much as I get your feelings (I had them too at your age and still do with the right woman), you'll find as you grow older that love is usually a much deeper thing than what you feel for a boy at 15, what us old, stupid, but battle hardened and wizened adults call "puppy Love".

Finally, be careful. I know, I know....just be careful

Please don't allow your boyfriend to isolate you from your friends and family. All your relationships are important in terms of keeping you as you are. If keeping the boyfriend is at the expense of loosing all your support network then maybe you need to step back and re-think. I realise love is an emotion but if the boyfriend is threatened by your other connections, he's not secure enough in himself. Good luck.

It depends on why you're losing them. If none of your friends want to be around you because they think he is a jerk, then you should probably heed their advice. If you just aren't hanging out as much because you're spending all of your time with him, that's not good either. There is no right "answer" to this question, you just need to talk to your friends and see what's up. Life is full of change, you'll always be making new friends and losing touch with old ones. Only you can determine the costs and benefits of love versus friendship. If they are truly your friend, they will always be there for you anyway.