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What do you do if your house faces the wrong feng shui direction? Answered

My kua number is 2 and my partners is 7, our house faces south which is a bad direction for both of us. Is there a way to remedy it without finding another house?


raise the temprature of the earth to 350 degrees farenheit so north and south switch. then subtract yourselves from each other.

Move your house number to a different wall and call that the front of your house.

Or you can remind yourself that fen shui is utter hooey.

Wow, sounds like feng shui has a lot rules. Who knew pseudo-science could be so strict?

yes, no do exactly as i say: STOP BELIEVING IN STUPID STUFF feng shui is not real it is just mumbojumbo!!!!! the way your house faces will have nothing to do with your life!!!!! trust me!

There is no hope for you. You must go your separate ways - it is not going to happen. You must also buy a new house. What were you thinking anyway? Alternatively - listen to the other detractors of this bunkum and start worrying about real issues instead of letting this stuff prey on your mind.

You must strap a large plastic duck to the contrarywise side of your chimney, paint your windows sky-blue pink, hang a photo of Elvis in your chamber of bodily waste transmigration and keep a colony of penguins in your kitchen sink. This will also keep away unwanted (and any other) guests.

Alternatively, realise that feng shui is one of those confidence tricks which plays on your willingness to believe, building up the tension by highlighting the areas of dis-harmony and then resolving it with a simple remedy.
This will give you a temporary feeling of relief in the knowledge that all is now OK, but if there are other underlying problems, thay will soon re-emerge.

Yes but you can only remedy it completely for one of you since you have different kua numbers but you can set up your feng shui so it supports both of you. South is your disease direction and your partner's financial loss direction so if you're finding that you're sick a lot then sleep in a room that's in your relationship area of the house and turn the bed so that the headboard is on the wall of your partners success direction. If your partner is experiencing financial problems then do the opposite: sleep in the room that's in your partner's success direction of the house and turn the bed so the headboard is on the wall of your relationship direction. This will help both of you.

Redefine Feng Shui or forget about it. L