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What do you guys have in the US and we don't in Russia? Answered

Hi! My name is Yura, I'm looking for a great new idea which is already not new in the US but new in Russia...smth i can work on and make money. Guys, any advise is good...give me an idea please :)
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Though I guess they have some breed that is similar.

Every group of mammals have lice, mites, ticks and other blood suckers :-)

i went to the usa a couple of times...and honestly havent noticed anything we dont have :)
Just i know that almost all good projects what people've done here in Russia they picked in the usa...facebook for example...we have our own facebook, can u imagine that?? :D
So it could be a websites buisness or...i dont know have no idea.. :)

im not asking to look for smth, just if u have an idea, id love to find out what it is :)

Why not start your own open workshop?

You create a large workshop, with the sorts of tools that people would love to have, but cannot afford, and then rent out time in it, or sell memberships to it.

what kind of tools do you mean? like hummers and stuff like that?

Big tools - band saws, lathes, laser-cutters etc

to my mind the idea is good but the problem is money, i cannot get that much now...to buy all those tools...but the idea is really good, i havent heard about such thing here in Russia :) thanks a lot!

You could talk to a bank, see about loans for setting up a business?

i dont think im gonna get enough money from bank...im too young, and i just graduated...but im gonna try closer to the summer i think. thanks ;)

Kiteman mentioned a laser cutter.  That could be a business in itself. You may have to import a decent cutter from abroad but once you've got it you could advertise a cutting service. Generating cutting data is now fairly simple for the hobbyist so you'd accept data in a variety of formats and send the customer back a kit of wood / cardboard / acrylic parts.
(I'd really, really like a laser cutter #;¬)

That is a friggin genious idea.. I need one of those here in the US as I don't have the budget or space for larger shop tools.

Yes, stuff travels quite easily now, and ideas even faster.

What is hard to transfer is in-person stuff. Hackerspaces are going world-wide, and while they're not really a money-maker they can be a way to connect with the sort of people who will help you dream up the next big idea and test it out.

that's what im doing...but still dont have a million-idea :(

They might be better at generating income in places where tools are (relatively) more expensive?

I once heard somewhere that women largely out number men in Russia. I would manufacture a stylish product for the women of Russia. There is a current fad in America of women applying intricate designs to their nails. You can see some of them online at youtube. If i were you I would look into finding "nail wraps", they are fairly cheap to manufacture and women can apply them at home, saving money and time. You can buy them through a producer in China. I don't know what your import fees would be bu,t I am assuming not much as your two countries seem to have a good relationship. I would find someone to make you a website, which shouldn't be hard as you Russians are internet geniuses. I wish you success.

Pepsi cola and Ronald Regan

Ah, making fun of ole Trickle down Mouse are you ? >:-D

Well, let's see: We have President Obama.

And we have GOP (Genuinely Oppressive Party) 

hmmm.  Warm beachs?    A portion of the country that doesn't get snow (very often). 

If you are born outside our country, you can get all kinds of free stuff and benefits;  but if you're born inside the country you have to pay so others can have those things.

I'll have to think a bit to come up with more....

just for the information..i like in that part of Russia wish doest get snow...and there are palms...winter time, we dont have warm beaches...but from may till the end of september i go swimming in the sea :)... if u didnt know that, Russia is not just a big peace of snow with bears vodka and stuff like that :) :) by the way America is not just humburgers... :)

No, I didn't think Russia was just snow, but what I mean is that Much of it is at least as far north as Canada is on our continent, and there is no part of Canada that doesn't ever get snow; my assumption would be that the same would be true on the same latitude worldwide. So what I meant is that, it appears on close examination that some of the most southern portions of Russia are around the same latitude as Pennsylvania, or even maybe Virginia. They don't get snow ALL the time, and not even every winter, but they get it much more often then Florida, which rarely gets even a dusting. No offense intended.

In New Jersey (around the same latitude as Pennsylvania, where I reside but bordering on the ocean) September ocean swimming is preferred because the warm southern "streams" have made their way up the coast by then, even if the air gets a little nippy (it didn't this year, here in October, it is STILL warm).  

Indeed, the USA is not just hamburgers,  as in NYC (Manhattan Isl.) China Town is known for it's authentic Chinese food, Little Italy (also in New York City) for it's Italian food, etc.   I just wish I was a little closer to them :-)

to be honest i really miss NYC with its districts...specially little Italy :)

I've been twice now, and although I like to visit, I don't think I'd want to live there. I grew up in the wide open country-side of the farming district of my county and I love the country-side. I live way too close to the city as it is now, but for convenience only.

An elected government which represents the will of the people.

...Oh, wait. Never mind...

Oh, I know that, that's "satire" isn't it?

Oh wait, so your remark is sarcasm about sarcasm ?

Sadly, only the first line is satire...

i got that irony just i dont get why u said it :) i mean its totally not what we were talking about...oh i dont get smth?

You asked for "what do we (U.S.) have that Russia doesn't have." You weren't at all specific about what that involved :-)

So I started (satirically) with a comment about democracy, recalling the old Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviets, and ended (satirically) with the implication that we U.S.) don't really have a democracy either.

oh so that's the thing we both do not have :) yeah, i agree :)

sarcasm is more like it, I'd think....

Watch imported TV or movies - what do you see that you want but cannot get?

Go for that.