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What do you guys think? Answered

these are some weapon replicas that I made, I was wondering if I should post them


I wonder if you like Halo...Hm...


10 years ago

post them please i will make them please!!!!!

ok, if I do it may be a little while.

ok and if I get to impatient i will build from pics lol

ok then, but there's one problem, there is only 1 rifle picture.

It doesn't matter, I don't wanna build the battle rifle i wanted to build the energy sword.

ok. i, imght start on it today

already built from pics the day before you posted lol its pretty cool

wow, you must be pretty fast then

took about 1 1/2 hours to build

that's about how long it took me to build it


10 years ago

Although most people like knex guns that can fire better,but these look really nice :D

when did you make the rifle?

I finished it the day I posted it.

nice for being made in only one day. even though it's just a mod

this is not a mod I made this freehand.

woops, not mod. i mean non shooting gun. nice

not bad, personally i like guns that can shoot but you can post these.