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What do you hate about the internet? Answered


This is the beginnings of a new instructable called 95 ways to ruin the web. I hope you can help me gather enough of the worst uses of internet technology as you can. Things like websites that move your mouse away from the close button, or midi that plays instantly which doesn't come with a pause button.

The internet is full of crap and I plan on making the crappiest website of all time. When I do create my monstrosity it will be hosted at http://ruintheweb.com/. But for now you may upload your suggestions there, or you can comment here.

What do you hate about the internet:


Celebrity political advertisements, anyone? Oh yes. They make me want to poke out my eyes and puncture my eardrums. :)


9 years ago

That this fantastic medium is fostering less original and thoughtful journalism, not more diverse coverage as predicted. And by extension, a more narrow, shallow, myopic focus on the part of many.

There are more recent studies that back this up...we're seeing more polarized coverage and opinions, not more independent views.

Stalkers and piggish males.

Sexism and misogyny in general? Shucks, hate in general.
I mean, given what is arguably the most powerful communications vehicle of all time, people choose to use it to trade insults, silly arguments, and put-downs.

Users automatic contrarians People who think 'FAIL' is a succinct and cogent argument. The "Experts" whose expertise is as deep as wikipedia and as broad as an abstract.

How Instructables staff only listens to grown-ups! >:(

Let me rephrase that. The fact that Instructables staff listens to everybody but me.... :(

Aw, I'll bet that isn't true.

What didn't they listen to you about? Sometimes they do listen, they just don't reply, but it is being taken care of. I speak from experience.

. Yep. They may not reply to all my msgs, but it appears to me that they read all of them.
. Don't feel slighted if you don't get a reply. From what I can tell, they are all very busy ppl (except for fungus - he seems to have time to win contests <snicker>). The upcoming book publication is probably making things worse.

we are the same:( Great minds think alike

the fact that you have to pay money to build a website. this also explains the ads, the fact that you have to pay

. Somebody has to pay for the server, software, I'net connection, &c. TANSTAAFL
. But that doesn't mean you have to like it. ;)

ZOO Porn.... Definatley not good.

LOL "your mum" "emo kids" "communists"

Searching innocenet stuff turns up unwanted images.....

Porn ads. You could be browing nick.com, and these could pop up if you have spyware...

just as long as you are not lowbrowing nick.com ;-)

I just realized I haven't seen any chain messages/emails/comments on instructables but maybe I spoke too soon But i have seen random adds on the chat rooms by members

Not being able to right click!

This is fun!


9 years ago

Damn acronyms that no-one understands...

Sorry, but you really should sanitize the input a bit more :P

/me laughs! It's cool man, I'm considering making a few pages HTML editable (at least parts of it) I think that'd be awesome to see how others can use it to do their worst.

I don't know what you did yes I'm blaming you but that popup thing had its </script> borked. Now everything else is hidden. (There's two BTW... I didn't mean to add a second... oops)... Wait, I can fix this!

Excellent popup! The text box was too small so your script tag got clipped, I added it back and have it only appearing twice. Good show though! -bg

I think you changed something, because it worked once. I just edited the maxlength property of the textbox ;-)

Hehe. Tiled backgrounds ;-)

Yep, I wanna see instructables with one someday. Maybe for April fools or something! -bg

I hate the mixed bag of being able to search for nearly anything, but being unable to ask a simple question, and have it answered within a search :-)

What I really hate about the internet is has way too many AD's!!!!!!

Ah, you should see our Sunday Newspaper LOL not THAT is full of ads. ;-)

. Ppl that post "What do you hate about the internet?" msgs.

People that post: what I hate about.... anything LOL

I hate the way people assume; it's on the internet, it must be true.

And I hate the way people exploit the assumption that it's on the internet, it must be true.

I love the way the internet gives a voice to everybody, but I hate the way that it gives a voice to just anybody.

I hate It came top in a Google search, it must be the best answer (and those others who seem to think "Google" is a synonym for "the internet", or even that everything you find through a search engine is actually part of that search engine's site).

I hate the way people assume; it's on the internet, it must be true.

What ? You mean aliens from other planets are NOT invading us? or that the Matrix is not real? *sigh* ;-)

haha, many a student coming into school with the top google search eh?

On a similar note, I hate the way people assume; it's on the internet, it must be false. (that, and wikipedia)

Omg call the doctor quick!
Wikipedia says I can cure leukemia with raw meat
I guess I don't need the chemotherapy after all
-not really