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What do you love about Instructables? Answered

I am a huge fan of Instructables and am curious why other people enjoy it so much. I believe it is important to tell others, how their hard work has been appreciated. Most of the time we tell people what we don't like about something. I have been a member of other sites like utube and blogs but I have stuck with Instructables because it has offered me an outlet to share what I make and connect with others. I like the fact that if we publish a good Instructable we get featured and that is a great way to get exposure. Their contest can be challenging as well as fun. I believe they try very hard to listen to their readers and authors. It is not just the Instructables team that make this such a great place but our readers are important as well. I have found most of the people here are kind and respectful. Please share your positive comments with me about why you love Instructables. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Sunshiine   


What I love in this site is the DIY and it give me ideas for my projects.

Instructables is the only place that has lots of knex instructions.

Instructables helps me maintain my sanity :D. The people here are awesome. It has changed my life from crap to something I can love & live with.

I love how the community is like a family! Everyone treats each other with respect here, and all projects are appreciated and enjoyed. Also, it doesn't limit "just arts and crafts", or "only recipes here". Every kind of project is welcomed on Instructables! :)

I really like how large the diy community is here. I never get bored on Instructables because there are so many projects to look at and there are constantly new ones being shared.

This site actually has some really cool stuff, as well as stuff that looks really fun to do as well.

Instructables gave me back my self-confidence, this has helped me be much happier and positive about myself

It has a way of doing just that! Thanks for sharing and have a splendorous day!

The background collour... so white..........
And the Instructables offcourse ;-)


6 years ago

The idea of many creative people who share their projects and give constructive criticism to the projects of others is very exciting and innovative.
people take their time to listen to you. When you did a good job then they'll rate the instructable with 5 stars or subscribe to you. When the project still needs some work the people here will say you how to improve.
It's all about the community!

everything...except bugs

Well at least there are only a few here and there and they really try to blast em!

I like tha fact that everybody is so nice to others and give constructive critcsm.


6 years ago

Ever since i was a little runt (approximately 10+ years ago), i liked to make stuff.

I went online one day and found this site, full of like minded people. I have been a member since April '09, and I love this community and the people here.
Not only do they enjoy making things as much as I do, they are like a family. A large, sorta dysfunctional, and occaisionally dangerous family, but a family nonetheless.

That, and they appreciate a good laugh at a geeky reference now and then.

What more could you want?

Thanks for sharing!

Like college, Instructables is a diverse community that inspires creativity, challenges you to think and problem-solve, and where it is okay to be both smart and unique. Instructables has helped keep my brains from turning to mush and kept me from feeling isolated while living here in Cliquesville, TX. I like that (with a few notable exceptions) most of the responders to posts are kind and thoughtful. I can't wait for the next Maker Faire within 300 miles - we will be able to recognize each other by our Robot T-shirts.

The thing that hooked me in to Instructables was the creativity of the community. The projects you find on Instructables you can't find anywhere else!!

Everyone is so willing to share what they are working on, not for a profit, but for the simple reason that creativity and learning should be accessible to all.

I love that Instructables covers an extensive number of disciplines. I have what I call serious crafting ADD! I have to start 8 projects before I can finish one. My projects range from knitting blankets to hacking speakers to building bookshelves. There have been lots of moments in my life where I have felt pressured to pick one discipline and stick to it. But that feels very stifling. I love that on Instructables I can exercise all of my creative muscles. I feel like this is a group of people that I can really relate to.

But most of all I LOVE stuff like this. As a staff member, getting genuine appreciation back from our authors is so rewarding! Where else on the web do you have forum topics like this published by community members? I feel the love!

Thanks for sharing Carleyy! Well said! I like the part that you feel the love. Sunshiine

I started out as an Instructables lurker. I'd catch links to various projects on Lifehacker, then find myself sucked into all the absurd awesomeness on Instructables. I scraped the site for hands-on projects to use with my students during the school year and projects to kill time when I was on summer holiday (and every other adult I knew was at work.) Those Ikea salad bowl speakers and Kipkay's laser projects were the gateway drug to what has turned into a serious addiction.

Little did I know that I was missing out on the best part: the community.

In no particular order, here are some other things I love about Instructables: the robot, knex gun comment threads, bolded disclaimers on lethal projects, the comment thread on "How to Kiss", the various hilarious responses to spam posts, and the random brilliance of the community in general.

Pretty much the same as you - it's effectively permission to Make.

I do tend to sound terribly evangelical when I let loose about Instructables, but the site has helped me become the person I am, and did help save me from quite a dark place when I originally joined.

Thanks for sharing Mr. K! Your voice is heard here on Instructables I admire people like you. Your presence is felt and appreciated! I will be a 2 year member in February and this will be the longest time I have stayed a member of anything like it. It challenges me to think outside the box. Glad it made your place brighter!

I am changing that phrase from "Glad it made your place brighter!" to:
"Glad it made your place briiiiiiiighter!" :-)

To Kiteman: ameen.(Amen) I could not agree more.

It gives me something to read that stimulates my mind & when I see something that I think is really awesome, it gives me something to do as well...of coarse the Ladies & Gentlemen of this website are awesome as well(not just the people that work FOR the website, but I'm talking about all the people I have had the honor of meeting & chatting with too).

I believe that we all(those who work FOR the website & those who are regulars here) are a very unique group of people...and I feel privileged to be a part of this group.

This is my "home away from home" so to speak.

Thanks for sharing SirJames! Eloquently said! This is my home away from home also. We never go anywhere, it seems like the comforts of home are our pick these days! Have a great day!


6 years ago

Everything! This is one of the most positive things I've ever been a part of. The amount of things I've learned here (and will learn) is priceless. I'd even go as far to say: I'd take a bullet for that robot!

It is priceless isn't it? I appreciated your comment about the robot! You are so funny! Have a robot kind of a day! What ever you envision that to be.