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What do you play with small children (2-5) for an hour that won't get them really excited and hyper? Answered

What do you play with small children when babysitting?



Best Answer 8 years ago

my mom used to put saran wrap over the tv screen and let me draw on it. loved it.

You could play a board game, play with playdough, or color ina coloring book with them.

let them get their excitement out at a park

Have them in turn name objects related to the previous object as chosen by you (Earth. Earth is round. Name something else that's round. A soccerball. Soccerballs are black and white. Name something else that is too. A zebra. Zebras live in Africa. Name something else from Africa.. So on and so on). A fave of mine since it's equipment free.

I was going to list more but now I can't think of any. Playing go moku is pretty fun (2 is a little young perhaps, but at 5 we played it a lot). On paper you can play it with symbols and extend it to three or four way go moku which allows for some interesting twists - open lines can be blocked *if* the next two players gang up.

Try eraser pictures - they colour in a whole sheet with an ordinary drawing pencil, then "draw" pictures with an eraser.

Puppet theatre - make simple sock-puppets and then act out a scene from the TV

World's simplest puppets - draw a smiley face on their thumbs, and then sit and read a book to the thumbs.

Play sleeping lions.