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What do you prefer? Diet or Regular Soda? Answered

What do you prefer? Diet or Regular soda? Find out today what other people prefer!!!



Some people lie just to get them business. And no sugar, so our physical reaction, as from other types of sugar. If I know, my haerd as from science fiction movies...

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So you mean that the companies lie? I agree becuase some cigarate companies lie such as "These are good for you". E-cigarates? Really? The heat can still burn your lungs. Unless you smoke them. I don't smoke. Sorry, I'm not an idiot.

I prefer.......non-sweetened fruit juices.....but if I must drink soda, I can't have the calories...so I have to (even though I don't PREFER them) drink the ZERO calorie ones.

Oh less sugar. You might not believe me, but today our government are stupid enough (no offense) to allow cigarets to be sold and allow comercals saying "they're good for you" but who would believe that? Even though it says sugar free, how does it get its flavor. Natural flavors? I don't believe so. They don't get the coke flavor off a plant or tree. they make them with Artifical ingredients. If I had to estimate, about 10% of people look at the ingredients, nutrition info, and and NOT pay attention to the "sugar free" becuase the ingredient that does not sound like sugar, but is, is corn syrup. Made out of sugar also, worse than granulated sugar becuz its all gooy, sticky, and full of sugar. I would prefer just water most of the time. (please forgive me if I offended you) just trying to make a statement.

What statement do you want to make? The Coke formula does use some naturally derived extracts and based on natural flavorings. Citric acid in industrial strength is used for tartness. Some of the "sweeteners" are really molecularly engineeered sugars that the body reacts to in different ways so you can find a legal loophole to market it as sugar-free.  People will make a preference based on their diet or possible medical needs in choosing what to drink.  For me, I can taste the difference between the Diet and Regular and would not prefer to ingest the chemicals of fake sugars.  Corn syrup should not be part of the ingredients of diet Coke or real sugars. Now what someone on the  Paleo diet would drink...

Some people lie just so that they would have a buisness. And there's no sugar that makes our bodies react different from other kinds of sugar. If I know about this then I would of haerd it from a Sci-Fi movie. How can it be sugar free when you just said "Some "sweeteners" are really molecularly engineered SUGARS that the body reacts to in different ways so you can find a legal loophole to market it as SUGAR-FREE." You just admitted that sugar-free drinks have sugar in it. Corn syrup is used a lot. They might not mention it in the ingredients, but they lie a lot. That's how messed up our government is. And natural flavorings? BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! Everything is natural! Ooh, natural cheese! Of couse, its natural because it came from a natural cow. Are you telling me you want to believe that? Unnatural stuff they say is natural. Did it come from aa alien cow? No. So there's no such thing natural and unnatural sugar. The difference you taste in diet and regular coke is probably the different sugars they put in the both. Though it says sugar free or something like that it doesn't mean that's true. To show untruthful cops, government, or any law enforcer is that they lie. Here's a TRUE story: a man in the country with a knife walking down the road gets shot and killed by cops and now they don't even want to talk about it. The man was a farmer out probably working on crops or NOT to hurt anyone. Government can't be trusted!!!

Don't drink the water. Do you know what is in water straight from the tap, much less bottled water?

P.S. You seem to be hung up on the definition of the word SUGAR, run it by the chemistry experts here on the site.

*chuckle* also the work "natural" which means nature made or made with things nature made. But "manufactured" from base chemicals doesn't denote "natural" under any definition :-)

At least water is much more healthier than anything else.

Nothing you need to apologize for :-)

I agree.   In the USA here, when they say "no sugar" they have to not have any form of sugar in it.  And even if it were not the case, one call look at both the ingredients and the breakdown and see how many carbs and how many calories are from the carbs.

I have to look at all the nutritional info....since many sodas contain a lot of SODIUM and I Have to limit that, I stay away from them also. 

Water is my most drank drink,  with coffee (unsweetened or sweetened with Stevia) coming in second :-)

I prefer pop, what is this "soda" you speak of?

Soda is the same as pop. You can call it anything! soda, pop, carbinated flavored bubbling drink. Everyone has different opinions.

Sugar all the way!

What do you mean by sugar all the way? Both diet and regular have sugar.

Diet drinks have sweeteners instead of sugar, that's why they can be called "diet".

What do you mean by sweeteners? Look at it. sweeteners have sugar too. There's something called corn syrup. Go ahead, "diet" on corn syrup and sugar filled sweeteners. I prefer regular.

If it's got corn syrup in, it's not diet. Do a little research, eh?


gee your right, then how come the diet sodas have a sugary flavor. obviously atifical sweeteners have SUGAR. Then if you know so much about artifical sweeteners then how about you tell me what makes em flavorful. I don't wanna here "They have atifical flavors" cuz there's no such thing as sugar without sugar.

.  They taste sweet. As Kiteman says, they do not contain sugar (sucrose).

obviously, sugrose, grucose they're all SUGAR. geez.

. But not all -oses are created equal. Compared to sucrose, glucose is hardly sweet at all. Fructose (the fructose in the ubiquitous High-Fructose Corn Syrup) is pretty close.

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Regular! I don't do diet, it is fakey.