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What do you think happened at the Dyatlov Pass? Answered

What do you think happened to the Russian hikers at the Dyatlov Pass? I am interested in any theories that you might have regarding this mystery.


Five minutes and nine seconds of evidence-free speculation.

I am a skeptic myself but I would like to know any scientific explanations for this phenomenon.

No scientific explanations without actual evidence - that video is so speculative, one could even work to the assumption that the described events never even happened.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident occurred in Russia during the Cold War Era and it is surrounded by mystery. It has been of interest to me and I thought that it could be of interest to some of us.

interest is one thing, but without any evidence, all specuation is simply that, speculation. Maybe faeries did it ?

Well, I don;t speak Russian, and I don't have access to any documentation, therefore the only thing that we can do is to speculate. Why it is so hard to do it?

As Kiteman says, it is "anyone's guess" then, and my "faerie" theory is as good as any then. Maybe zombies?

Speculation isn't hard at all, and that's the problem - it is way too easy to read all sorts of conspiracy nonsense into stuff like this, and the kind of folk who do that have a bad habit of taking both an official silence and an official denial of their conspiracy hypothesis as some kind of proof they are correct.

Before I spend time looking at this; what is it where does it come from etc?


You're really asking what we think of the video then?


The lack of eyewitnesses has inspired much speculation. The chronology of the incident remains unclear due to the lack of survivors.

I don't know: insufficient data.



6 years ago

I can speculate too...

The climbers were separated into two groups when an avalanche occurred. One group was in the tent, which collapsed and partly buried (or buried shallow). Unable to find or move to the entrance, one climber cut the tent open to enable escape before they all asphyxiated (which happens to tent-bound climbers fairly often).

This group as able to reassemble and build a fire--although whether they had sufficient clothing originally (maybe they slept in underwear) or if they doffed it later due to hypothermia is unclear. But it seems clear they succumbed to the cold.

Obviously there can be footprints in the snow AFTER an avalanche...

The other group was caught in the brunt of the avalanche in the open, on the descent. Large chucks of ice or hardened snow (such as a falling cornice) could explain crushing injuries. Trees are often swept along in a serious avalanche. And 13 feet of ice and snow isn't trivial. Avalanche snow is notoriously dense, and ice even more so. Since footprints were found surrounding the tent, that 13 feet of snow had to come from a single event; it wasn't accumulated later.

Tongue amputations happen in accidents--either from impact, or even (if one is very unlucky) earlier in a climbing fall...

Skin discoloration happens to bodies exposed to the elements, even bodies that are buried in snow.

As to the radioactive clothing, that's the easiest to explain. The climbing party accepted a ride to the mountains from a Soviet state vehicle which was "dirty." Either it was transporting radioactive material, or it had been used to transport it...

Oh, sure--maybe this doesn't explain every single detail, but many things that happen routinely in life are difficult to explain without specific knowledge of the chain of events.

(some of these details were taken from the wiki page.)

An analysis worthy of Spock. Two thumbs up.

Sadly, the conspiracy theorists will reject any reasonable or logical hypotheses such as the one you present.

I bow to you, Sensei!

...yet it also says the injuries are consistent with a "hug" by a powerful animal.

Got any input from an actual pathologist?

Well, I have never met Sasquatch, therefore the most logical explanation is some sort of weapon.

Clearly the work of the boys and gals at the CIA, but I didn't say that.