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What do you think of little K'nex? Answered

I got a box of K'nex for my birthday and absolutly hate them, so I want to know what you think of them.




Best Answer 8 years ago

I like um.  You can always trade them off for something you like or if you use them a few times you might find out that it's fun to build things.

Back in my day we had erector sets.  They had metal parts that you bolted together with tiny nuts and bolts.  You even had screw drivers and wrenchs.

Me too.  I never had one as a kit and now I've got about a dozen sets I got off of Ebay.

The micro's can do just about anything that the classics can do . If one does not like them it is a case of the mind being smaller than the micro.

I've actually figured out a way you can use them effectively in a ball tower with regular pieces.  They can make for some interesting designs if you know how to use them.

And just a message to all you people out there who are that opposed to Micro K'Nex: here's two things I suggest you guys think about:

1) If K'Nex started out with Micro pieces (and they were as popular with you guys as regular pieces are instead), and then switched to the larger pieces, would you still object?

2) If you're an avid gun designer, you could be the one who takes the credit for making the first one out of Micro pieces.

the one and only thing i would do is sell them on ebay

I don't like them; they are too flimsy.

Hate em.  Too small to do anything.