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What do you think of the Android by Google? Answered

  I am having doubts about the iphone.
I have been looking at the Android and boy, can I get one cheap!  I have done some looking online and find it will do what I need.  I'm not finding any complaints like there is with the iphone.
  Your comments and complaints are a great source.



We love ours, its not quite as trendy, but there are a lot more free applications available, and the battery life seems to be longer.

Thank you.
  I noticed there is a Slacker Radio application.  Would that be something you are familiar with?  I use slacker on a PC and love it.  I'm wondering if it is free on a Android.

Slacker isn't available in the "local" market on my UK Tmobile phone. Radiotime, which does the same sort of things I think, is there though.


I love my android. I think that the main reason that I love the OS is how much access apps have to the user interface. That is what allows for so much personalization. You can change the lockscreen, home launcher notification bar, keyboard, and almost everything else. You also art restricted to only getting apps from the app store or market; you can download apps from any website and install them without a computer.

To answer the other person's question, yes both Slacker as well as Pandora work on the Android/Google phones.  It is true that it has the most free apps and while some are just a bit on the boring side, some are actually fun and interesting.  I would recommend waiting a month or so (about June) to get your Android phones as new ones are coming out with more powerful processors that will make applications work smoother and faster with more features in place.  I have the HTC Hero and I'm very pleased with it although its camera is not as good as others.  Although mine is a 5 megapixel camera my friends 3 megapixel camera on her Samsung Moment (another Android phone) is much better and looks as if it was taken with a real camera.  Speed is pretty decent, battery life is not bad considering its constantly checking mail and facebook accounts and the UI seems to be better and more cutomizable than the iPhone.  Overall I waited a while for a new phone and I'm pleased with my HTC HERO phone (seems like the best Android phones out there right now are made by HTC).

I think it's a pity that it insists on using Google for connectivity. That pretty much killed my interest in it.

The I-devise is a fad game. They bombard everyone with ads that basically say "unless you want to be out with the in crowd, buy an Apple device...what's more, if you don't buy an Apple, you're stupid".

I own neither, being a bit more frugal than most (and possibly poorer), but were I to choose one over the other, it would be the Android. Seems a bit more solid and less glam driven device.

Then again, I felll out with the in crowd when I purchase my first PC 20-some years ago...so take my comments with the appropriate grain of doubt, since I'm not part of the lauded  "chosen people"  in crowd.

Apple just sounds a bit to much like Burger King...always going out of its way to use SororityDiva bully tactics to gain supporters and relying on those same types to act as its social army.

You will, however, have to expect being at least partially shunned by the Macolytes when purchasing a non-approved device. Expect a gold star badge at some point too, if they have their way. I believe they'll want you to wear it on your sleeve. And don't forget to keep your eyes cast downwards when in their shining presence. You know how the neo-aristocrats are about being cowed to..

I agree. 
  I also find it hard to purchase anything wading through the propaganda.  Any sales person I have talked to is just that..... about a sale and lie to get it.