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What does Arduino mean? Answered

I see many Ibles in this group and i assume they are "techie" but what does it actually mean? Thanks



And to further expand on other folks' answers: A microcontroller is a small computer-on-a-chip intended to be wired into a device to do a particular task, rather than to be a general-purpose data processing platforms. In addition to the Arduino's other features (previously noted), its microcontroller chip has both digital and analog inputs and outputs, making it fairly versatile in what kinds of signals it can respond to and generate.

Thanks to you. All I get what it is now but I will never understand this type of thing. Maybe I'm just not wired correctly LOL.

Arduino is like a mini computer that you can program to control stuff.

The name is an Italian masculine first name, meaning "strong friend"


It's a microcontroller based on a PIC chip family of microcontrollers. They have a small programme preloaded to make it possible to programme them from a normal PC - generally in some variation of" C".

Their strength is their speed pof operation and there open source use of various "shields" or add on PCBs that add functionality. Most/all of these are produced by third party groups.

There are several similar systems about: http://www.picaxe.com

is a similar system offered by a UK based company, slightly slower but cheaper and easier to programme in a version of the BASIC programming language.

Its NOT PIC family, its AVR family, which is arguably derived from the 8052.

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Correct me if I'm wrong; the arduino uses the ATmel line of processors, which are like oil and water as differences go between ATmel and PIC. Very similar functionality, both programmed in C or assembly, but not cross compatible.

It's a kind of electronics "kit" that you can use to build your own projects.

To expand on Caarntedd's answer, it's a beginner's microcontroller hobby board

You can either buy fully populated boards or a kit that you assemble yourself.

They're very popular in some quarters, due in part to their low cost and simplicity of use.