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What does a 128MB Maxtor HD look like? (80386system). Have case cover off.? Wish to remove hard drive. Answered


Much the same thing that every other hard drive looks like -- a metal framed object with power wires and a data cable connected at the back end.

(Just wondering: If you can't identify it, why do you wish to remove it?)

Have not used this system in 8 years and wish to recycle after removing the hard drive which contains personal, sensitive info. Once removed, guess I'll smash the HD with a sledge hammer and garbage it.  I'm not a techie person.

Note too that by today's standards, a 128MB drive is probably too small to be worth the effort of recovering unless you're building a dedicated-application machine.  A single application can be larger than that these days.

It's going to look alot like this.  This is a Western Digital but  a Maxtor will look very similar.

I agree with ork' but I'm no more the wiser as to what it is you're asking.
386 - does it run?