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What does it lack? Answered

Could someone share their views on what they think is lacking in this instructable for it being featured?


The featured team may not have read it yet.

It doesnt matter if it gets featured or not. All that matters is if you tried your best on it. I have personally learned this the hard way.

I had this thought on the way to the pub:
Girls like playing at being princesses - if you made an elegant & richly decorated throne, with a little help from your daughter, you might have something very good?

(The US market might like something pink with "Barbie" on it, but I know you'd steer well-clear of that)


Thanks for all your suggestions and comments. Let me see how I can apply all these into my next instructable for getting it featured.

It's nicely presented, well put together and attractive (depending upon your opinion).

W/ref featured, If you look back to here I would say that it doesn't fill a gap with something the site doesn't have (other cardboard furniture about), and isn't spectacularly "cool".

If you had themed this around a well-known children's book, TV show or film, with that quality of presentation I think you'd be there.


Speaking personally;

  • I am not convinced it it "fit for purpose", in that the chair seems to be unstable (something that is more important in toddler furniture than adult furniture).
  • You lack images of it in use - plonk a smiling toddler on the seat, sitting at a small desk or whatever, and the whole make becomes much more convincing.
  • Cardboard furniture has been "done" much more creatively, quite recently, which detracts from the essential "je ne sais quoi required to grab the attention of an FT member.
  • I know it is not part of the design as such, but those stripes make my eyes hurt...

As I said, that's my own personal opinion. Other may have more to add.

Thanks for your comments. I tried to get some photos of my daughter on the chair but they all came out blured. My 1 yr daughter is very mobile so it is very difficult to get some shots of her seated. Coming to stability, I think the chair is quite stable as long as it is used just for seating.

That's why you needed the images of it in use - to my eye, in the photos, it looks too tall to be stable. I can picture a child leaning back slightly and the whole thing going over.