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What does it mean when I have a dream about the person I like? Answered

In the dream, i was at this dinner party thing, and most of my friends are there and the girl i like is there with her parents (which ive never met in real life before). The girl's mom asked her if i was the one? and she said yes, and then the dinner thing just continued. After a while most of the people started to leave and it was just me the girl and her parents. She invited me to the bathroom and she said "I really like you" then we hugged and I said "I really like you too" and im not too sure what happened after, I think we ended up at her place not sure what we were doing...so what does this mean, is this a good sign?



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As wonderful as it might be dreams are the result of your subconscious mind processing thoughts and your previous day events. Don't read too much from your dreams. Your dream is the result of your infatuation for this person.

so should i do anything? and i've never seen her parents, how can this be my mind processing thoughts from previous days? i'm pretty new to all this subconscious stuff... :/

Whatever you do is your own choice. We answered what you asked. If you want to know more about dreams, look up for more information in the library or google it. If you want to believe that your dream is the result of a mystic connection between both of you, that it is only your choice. By the way, if you believe in that I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I could sell you for only one dollar... :)


Dreams don't necessarily have a literal interpretation. Hence if you have a dream about falling... it usually means your feeling insecure and anxious. So in this case, you're seeing a nice happy situation with a good outcome. It could mean you're getting a sense of how she feels for you and that you're confident about how it will proceed.

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It means that she's "on your mind" or that you "have some thing for her".
Tell this girl about your dream.


wouldn't that be awkward, cause i don't want to ruin our relationship by creeping her out...i mean telling a girl you dreamt of her last night is a bit creepy? isn't it?

It is the truth; do you really think that you are a "creep"?
No. You lack confidence, so be confident about what is right - she's nice, you like her; that's right. And there is nothing bad about being honest with people.


Come on! Just tell her how you feel and that should do. You must be very insecure to be asking a bunch of strangers instead of asking her out. Take a bath, wear your best clothes, make sure you smell nice and don't forget to brush your teeth and your hair. Go up to her and invite her to a nice place of her choice. When the moment comes, confess her how you feel and see what happens. If she says no, she has the right to say no, if she says yes you are in luck. Show her the confident person you are and she will notice. Never beg her to like you and don't worry about ruining a relationship. If she is a mature girl she will appreciate your honesty and who knows she might be playing hard to get to see how you feel. Once I asked the question to a good friend of mine and twenty some years later this beautiful lady is my wife and the mother of my children. You'll never know until you ask.


6 years ago

Well, if Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the dream then it means that everybody is going to die. If it has Chuck Norris in it then it means that everybody is going to get their butts kicked. Other than that it pretty much means whatever you want it to mean, or nothing at all.

I seriously hope that dreams mean very little - If they do then i am in for a pretty nasty time!

It's on your mind and your brain is playing with your memory that's all.

Agreed with blkhawk;

A dream is your subconscious churning away. The text of your question title "about a person I like" -- it means you LIKE THAT PERSON!