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What does it mean when you dream of a friend asking out the girl you like? Answered

Ok, so I was home sick today. There is this girl I like, and I asked her out to homecoming. I had also asked this girl to be my girlfriend about a year ago, and we took time off in March. So, as we have stared talking again, and have started to get close again, I asked her to homecoming. She said she would come with me, but she didn't  know if she should or not. She explained how she had hurt me when she broke up with me last time, and she doesn't want to do t again. So, today when I was home sick, I was sleeping. I was having a dream where, one of my best friends was talking to her in the hallway, and they looked extremely happy. My friend was walking over to talk to me, but I woke up from my phone ringing. I had received a text form the girl I like that said, "did you know that (friends name) was going to ask me out?" What does this mean? Is it possible that I could have been dreaming this, right as it was happening? Please help me! I dot know what to do...



It's a dream it means nothing. Your over thinking things.

That attitude is only because the Southern Cross  protects you :-)

Reducing the OP's complicated dreamland scenario to nothing or better the
Russian nichevo is uttered with the risk of offending Haloman.

You reside under the  magic of the
Southern Cross  which I have surmised
protects you and all Aussies from social blunders 1

This was my attempt at light hearted humor in this very weighty emotional subject :-]


Sometimes dreams are the result of things that you were thinking about during the day, your mind's way of helping to sort it out.

More often dreams are random bits of things from your memory that your mind assembles at night for reasons we don't fully understand. Like most methods of divination, the dream is really more of a random image generator. The human mind is pattern seeking. It looks for patterns everywhere, including in random images. When something is on your mind you will look for any source of information to help you understand it, such as dreams, tarot cards, or random internet folks like us. When you see something that appears to make a pattern you will latch on and forget that it is just a random bit of data like the rest, which is why you remember that dream but not the dream from the night before (people dream most nights).

Really, the dream was almost certainly a random accident.

What is more important is your reaction to your dream. Clearly this girl means something to you and you are interested in going out with her. You are nervous because you aren't getting the answer you want. She may be really concerned about hurting you again or she may not feel that way about you anymore and is just trying to let you down easy. You should have a talk with her and explain that this is dwelling on you and that you would like to discuss things openly. Explain that, if she does like you then you are willing to risk being hurt and if her feelings about you have changed then it will hurt less if she tells you now.

As for your friend, I would resolve that afterwards. If you and her do go to homecoming he should back off if he is your friend. If he isn't, then she will tell him to take a hike if she is really interested in you. If she doesn't feel that way about you, then let them sort that out and find someone awesome.

I don't envy you this one.

Good luck! It sounds like your head is in the right place.

It means you had a dream.

The only way to settle your mind is to speak to the people involved in the flesh, and awake.

Dreams are mostly results of things we are worried about. I think they mean NOTHING. Don't eat too late at night and then go to bed... it seems to cause dreams.

1. dreams mean nothing - You should be able to see some of mine!

2. If you like the girl and she likes you get together and have fun If not then move on.

Nothing. If you act on it it will certainly not end well.


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