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What does it take to get on the home page, where you supposedly get a membership as reward? Answered

How do you get on there in the first place? Like, how many views?


Excellent grammar, charm, easy to read formatting, and a level of vocabulary and technical detail that will flatter your target audience without alienating other potential readers.

Featured Instructables are not a popularity contest.



It's not the number of views, it's the quality and originality of the project.

If you impress a member of the Community Team, your project gets featured. That earns you a 3-month pro account immediately, and your project gets added to the site's Twitter and FB feeds.

It also gets added to the list of projects from which the site editors select the front-page projects. If your project ends up on the front page, you will earn a full year's pro membership.


5 years ago

Not supposedly, you get a 3 month free Pro for a featured and a one year if its put on the home page or if it wins a contest or gets mentioned in the newsletter. They are pretty generous about it. When you figure the page changes pretty much every day that is a lot of free memberships.

looks like you have been real busy, 9 instructables in a month ! PM me and ill give you a years free pro membership, you have certainly earned it.
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long story short, if an editor likes your "ible it will be featured.