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What does opinionated mean? Agreement? Answered


It means you're a human.

No, one who has strong opinions, and is prepared to defend them.


Used in a sentence...Most users in the Answers fourms are Opinionated !

Sort of like some of us have the opinion that 11 year olds need to worry about growing up more than they do about dating other toddlers.

Bet I could start a HUGE flame war if I were to make an instructable on why little children dating is a bad idea.

Haha, I bet it would end up in the Mail Online!

Well the simple definition of opinionated means simply, containing or having opinions, much like the word caffeinated means, containing or having caffeine.

But that definition is not all that meaningful in light of the fact that everyone has opinions. Everyone has opinions, so does that mean everyone is opinionated?

The dictionary definition is not much help either. For example, Merriam-Webster, says that opinionated means:

"expressing strong beliefs or judgments about something : having or showing strong opinions : unduly adhering to one's own opinion or to preconceived notions "

So opinionated means having strong opinions, strong beliefs, but what is strong opinion? And how is that different from a regular opinion? Or even a weak opinion? Also under what circumstances is adherence to one's opinion undue?

Well the answer to this question, and I'm sorry you had to read through all the preliminary stuff first, is the definition of the word opinionated depends on the opinions of the person using the word "opinionated". Essentially the word is used to point out someone who has opinions different, or contrary, to those of the author, and maybe also to point out someone who has opinions contrary to popular opinion, or the beliefs of the herd, or the author's social group. That second part is more complicated, but I'll try to explain it as I go.

For example, if I believe that fairies influence the weather, and you do to, and so does everyone else, then I would NOT use the word "opinionated" to describe you, at least with respect to your belief that fairies influence the weather. You would not be opinionated to hold that particular opinion.

However if you were the only one, or one of a very small number of people, not including me, who believe fairies control the weather, then that would be different.

What would make it worse, is if you were constantly talking to people about how fairies control the weather, about how this one time you saw two fairies talking to each other, and their whole conversation was about the jet stream, and low pressure systems, and temperature differences, and air masses.

In that case, I would have no way to prove you did not see the weather-control fairies, and I'm not totally certain that fairies couldn't control the weather, but the belief would seem outlandish to me. It would be something totally outside everything I'd every been told, understood about how the world works.

So I would have no way to prove you were wrong about the faires. However, by the using the word "opinionated", e.g. by saying, "Angelina is very opinionated when it comes to what's causing the weather," I could point out, to my friends, that your beliefs about fairies controlling the weather were totally different from my beliefs, and probably their beliefs too.

Also this word "opinionated" sort of serves as a warning signal. Essentially, by using it, I am warning my friends not to talk about the weather with Angelina, because if they do they're going to wind up on the receiving end of a whole bunch of weird talk about about weather-fairies and chaos theory.

As another example, I've attached a link to a Youtube video.

The stormtrooper who starts talking about "Palpatine knew all along and let it happen," and calls the Death Star explosion an "inside job", that stormtrooper would likely be called opinionated by his stormtrooper drinking buddies, for expressing this particular opinion, contrary to everyone else's.

I mean up until he says, "Palpatine knew all along", nothing he said could really be characterized as opinionated, but after that, oh boy! But after that, he's pretty much outed himself as one of those Death-Star-Inside-Job conspiracy theorists.