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What does "airsoft" mean, everybody keeps using it in like weapons stuff? Answered



Basically, they're relativly safe weapons intended for sport, training, and recreation. They shoot plastic pellets that are not supposed to cause physical harm when used properly.

It's sort of another version of paintball.

Ok, i thought it might be sonething along those lines, is the the same as what we in the UK call BB-guns which shoot plastic or metal pellets and there is also things which are just called air guns that use compressed air to fire pellets and what have you. These sound pretty similar, are they the same do you know? mdog

They are roughly the same. They usually operate on the same principles. They use pneumatic pressure to shoot out a projectile. It's either provided by a CO2 cartridge (which is a fairly safe compressed gas), or by a plunger on a spring that quickly compresses the air behind the projectile mechanically. The difference between airsoft and these other types is the size/type of projectile and intended use. A traditional Pellet or BB-gun is intended for target shooting. I haven't seen plastic rounds that fit a standard BB-gun, but to be honest I haven't really looked. They typically operate at velocities that are unsafe for play-combat, although it's highly unlikely to be lethal unless you brain someone with the butt of the gun. Btw, Pellets and BB's are just different kinds of ammo, and guns of this type fire either one kind or both kinds. Airsoft guns and paintball guns use safer amunition, but operate on the same principles. Their ammunition will have lower velocities, either due to less power being delivered to the round, or due to the light weight and large size of the round. They won't typically puncture skin. Eye injuries are associated with it though and bruises are quite common with paintball. I've seen exceptions to some of the things I said, but this was getting long-winded, so I have to stop.


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ok here you go bb gun copper bb pelet gun lead bullet airsoft plastice bb does that help email me with more q's i am glad to help