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What does zeitgeist means? Answered

 On Instructables, there's a section called zeitgeist. What does it mean?


" 'Zeitgeist' is a German word, originally,which means 'the spirit of the time'.

Basically, it means the mood of the moment, not just of one person, but of a whole community or population.

Here, on Instructables, it means what people are talking about at the moment; what projects are getting commented on at the moment, even if they are old. "

That came straight from the mouth of Kiteman.

Oh, yes, the last time some lazy slob posted the same question.

"That came straight from the mouth of Kiteman."

Then this must be the best answer!

Greetings MOYERsamuel. A great answer from nickodemus deserving the best answer award.

Sometimes people who know the answer to your question are really busy, so they would like you to look somewhere else for your answer (although they seem to have enough time to tell lazy slobs to do this, which probably takes more time and effort than actually giving the answer). 
Sometimes people asking a question know answers are available elsewhere, but might like the benefit of the insight, experience and expertise available on this site reflected in the answer, instead of a plain old wikipedia definition. Sometimes they get a great answer from somebody who feels like showing off their big brain, and sometimes they get told to "JFGI".

Sometimes people may have been an instructables member for only a few weeks, and being fairly young and inexperienced see a word they have never seen before, such as zeitgeist for example, and thinking it may be a site specific word, innocently ask for the meaning.

 Don't be discouraged! Most times you will get a good answer, and sometimes you will get a comment that may breach the be nice policy. I guess it all depends on the spirit of the times.


8 years ago

I'm part German, and a zeitgeist is an eye- witness of a certain period in time. trust me, I know.

Some years ago my mum bought me a dictionary and thesaurus... These days you can find them on the internet...


On this site it think it means "the best of the newest".