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What driver would I need to run 36 Cree xm-l leds for an offroad light bar? Answered

I'm new to diy led and would like to know where I can find a driver suitable to run 36 xm-l leds.  I would assume that my Voltage could spike up to 16V on the charging system.  I would like a simple on/off as I have a svt raptor with factory upfitter switches. 


You want 36...25 watt leds...NINE HUNDRED WATTS of LED.

A friend and I are building a high efficiency 50 watt led driver aiming for 24VDC input and constant current output. The parts for them including pcb is about 20 each...(high end inductors and constant current driver ICs)...You'd need 18 equivalent drivers... and cost would go down with increased quantity...it would still be 200-400 dollars just for the drivers if you use quality parts.

Cheap china-made drivers will set you back about 50c/watt...

See if you can buy an off the shelf supply or three. Designing your own for big LEDs like that isn't a DIY project I'm afraid.

Yes I understand this, but I can't seem to find any that are meant for automotive use. (large fluctuation in Voltage). Thanks for the reply.