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What exactly is "Oodammo", or more specifically, what does it mean? Answered

I hear somany people talke about "Oodammo," but I still don't know what it means...Help...?!


Oodammo is a red connector with a white rod in the middle slot. It looks sort of like an arrow.

What this guy said, but where you said 'what does it mean?', its called Oodammo because it was made by a guy called Oodalumps so he called it 'Ood'ammo.

OMGoodness! I got a comment from Hiyadudez!!!! LOL, hey man! Thanks for the help. Do you still do K'NEX guns?

Its not that amazing to get a comment from me... is it? ~.^

And no, I sold my Knex a long time ago but I was never into guns or made any innovative ones, hehe. I was a more practical model kind of guy :-P

Well, it is pretty cool! To bad you sold your K'NEX...but, the pranks you post are pretty flippin' cool...XD

Oh, and its supposed to be better ammo than just plain rods as it flies much further.