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What exactly is the use of Basic Electronics and Electrical as a subject when you are doing computer engineering? Answered

Well i've been asked this question alot of times that i am doing computer engineering and what exactly is the use of taking Basic Electronics and Electrical as a subject in the first year when you actually wont be needing it at all.
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Often while designing industrial inventory software, you just may need to
get a very particular old silicone and incandescent light beam can counter,
to interface to your program and the customer expects you to know how
where to run wires to that electronics and make it  work ! !

Oh.... and by the way the computer room annex is on a different phase
of the factory delta 440 VAC transformer.


And the neutral bar of the server room just melted, and no-one can work out why.

Happened at a computer site in the UK.


Probably most of the A-level electronics syllabus. If you're paying for it, why not just learn it anyway?

My C programming lecturer had something he used to say almost every lecture, much to the disgust of the software engineers in our C classes. He said "Electronic Engineering graduates make better software engineers than software engineering graduates".


How can you study computer engineering WITHOUT understanding what's happening on the iron ?


I know many a software grad that didn't know of a box car average or
(rolling average )..

As a passing thought don't you think your tutors will have
a) thought long and hard about what you need to know

b) designed a course to meet that and other mandatory guidelines for the subject often set in cooperation with professional bodies you may want to join in the future.

c) Know more about this than you

d) The collage have to have their course validated to make sure they meet national and sometimes international requirements.

e) In a limited time scale (the term of your degree course) your tutors are not going to have time to teach you anything that is not going to be useful to you in your chosen subject.

f) In tertiary education YOU are a volunteer You chose the subject presumably from some personal interest in it - that said you need badly to generate a passion for the subject and for the technical field in general or your going to find the future very hard to cope with.

So you don't have to call an electrician every time your reading lamp goes out.

On the other hand there is a philosophy that suggests that computers will NEVER catch on because they are just too complicated.

You can't understand advanced* electronics without understanding the basics.
Do you really understand what this course is supposed to teach you?


*Computers are.

Understanding to a degree what is happening at a hardware level will do much to help you understand how the hardware your going to be dealing with works.

And you can't understand things like the Pentium division bug AND work out how to route around it without understanding hardware.