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What factors affect signal strength? Answered

I made a signal boosting rig out of cardboard and aluminum for my router for my PS3 to access it ('cause I can't move the router in my current situation). So anyways it started out boosting a 17% average signal strength to a strong 50%. But now a couple of months later, it's maxing out at 23% and it's been happening for a couple of weeks now. Also, my ps3 absolutely refuses to work with anything below 25%. So what changed? I haven't moved the rig since I set it up and none of the furniture has moved either. The only factor I can think of is the changing of the seasons. Anything else that could of caused this?


So many things can affect it... Transmit level may have gone down. Neighbor installed a similar router on same channel? Solar flare "noise". Furniture positioning. loose connector at receiver? Lots of things.

Have you changed the orientation of either unit lately. Your signal booster is directional now. The more it increases strength the more direction it is.

Local interference from some other transmitter or malfunctioning electronic equipment.. That tesla coil your neighbor just built could be killing your signal.

humidity can affect some signals perhaps ?