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What feature makes your Work/Craft Table perfect? Answered

We're planning to site build a craft/work table in our downstairs semi-basement space. Can you take a look at your (Non-dining table!) work table and let me know what I should add to the following list, or take into account generally? Taking into account the features I can foresee we need, I find the following desirable: Entire table surface should be something less than 48x96, so it fits in space allotted and can be made from sheet of plywood. A work surface approximately 34" high. This allows you to sit at the table or work standing up, without lower back pain from bending over excessively. A Light table feature in a corner of the table, illuminated from below to allow tracing and viewing of slides, other transparent media. An electrical receptacle in the top or edge of the table, for soldering gun, small fan, other uses that require juice while avoiding extension cord madness. A laminated top. A holder for a roll of 36" white butcher paper under one end. ~ an opening to an undermounted trashbin for easy cleaning I'm planning to pick up some Ikea storage or tool box shelves for under table storage. Thanks in advance for any and all helpful suggestions... Chris


self healing cutting mat. maybe one that is stored rolled and then slides out...

. Sounds like you've spent some time thinking about this. I'd add a clamp-on vice and more than one receptacle (and make them GFIs).

how sturdy is it going to be? i would make it sturdy enough to take blows from a hammer. also a small vice on the edge of the table.

If you're into electronics then: totally have a esd mat covering it. Have an integrated soldering iron, have a drawer where you can put your components, have ground jacks, have a power supply.

Oh - If you've seen a web resource that might be helpful, please send it along!